Star Qld didn’t ban patron over mafia link

According to an investigation, Star Entertainment allowed a customer banned from two-state casinos and linked to the Italian mafia to continue gambling at its Queensland casinos for years.

The man became one of the top 10 Star Gold Coast players after he was banned from Crown Melbourne in 2014 and banned from the Star, Sydney by NSW police seven months later.

An investigation into Star’s eligibility for a Queensland casino license has learned that a subsequent Sydney Morning Herald report on the man’s alleged ties to the Italian ‘Ndrangheta gang also failed to trigger a complaint. ban in Queensland.

At the time, the company decided not to ban the man because he was not charged with any crime.

Star’s anti-money laundering general manager, Howard Steiner, said that person would be banned from current company policies.

“This is clearly a feature of the compliance strategy or risk appetite culture of the past that does not exist today,” he told the inquiry Thursday.

Legal Assistant Jonathan Horton, QC, asked Mr. Steiner how Star’s anti-money laundering team was able to verify whether NSW police had banned a customer because he was not a subscriber to the news outlet that had him. reported. he had reported.

“It is indicative of an operative sclerosis that may have existed at the time, which is certainly not a feature of today’s program,” Steiner replied.

The investigation learned how Star also had trouble verifying the identity of the banned people because their names were spelled differently in different media.

Mr. Steiner also admitted that he was not aware of any reporting obligations for Star when he provided gifts worth up to $ 50,000 to individual customers.

When asked if Star offering cash gifts of up to $ 20,000 to its customers would attract the attention of the anti-money laundering team, Mr. Steiner replied, “Generally not.”

He said Star had gift policies and procedures, but “discretionary compensation” was up to the individual casino departments.

“Discretionary compensation is likely addressed in various, or at least should be addressed, in the specific documents of the casino departments involved in granting or approving these freebies,” said Steiner.

The hearing continues.

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