Spare: Why Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir has royal family ‘dreading’ release on January 10

The royal family is gearing up for bitter new revelations after Prince Harry unveiled his “provocative” memoir yesterday.

Advertised as a work of “crude and unwavering honesty”, the controversial book will be called Spare, an “accused” reference to his position as the younger brother of the heir to the throne.

Editors of the postponed memoir, which is slated for publication in the New Year, also made it clear that Harry would not hesitate to touch on sensitive topics, such as the family’s decision to encourage him and his older brother. Prince William, walking behind his mother Diana’s coffin.

The claims surrounding such a “candid” and “personal” first-hand account of his life will do little to allay fears at Buckingham Palace that the separated prince is – once again – out to try and settle the perceived scores.

A spokesman for the king declined to comment last night. But it is clear that the Royal Household has already been warned that the 416-page, $ 50 book is “critical of everything and everyone” and that they “fear” it.

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