Sony announces when the PlayStation VR2 will go on sale

Sony has adopted a strategy to promote its new virtual reality glasses, which is to release some information over time, starting from the beginning of this year, first announcing the technical features and then pushing the design, until some of the related experiences will not be announced. launch.

Today the company announced another fact. To do this, he used the social profiles he has on Twitter for different regions, rather than making a joint statement through his official blog.

The company claims throughout that the launch will take place in early 2023, so it’s a global launch, for all markets at the same time, so there won’t be any progress in some areas over others.

Only the price remained to be known

Now there is still a question to be clarified, at what price it will be available, although the price of the virtual reality glasses of the previous generation can be taken as a reference, at the time of its launch it was priced at 399 euros, which later are 100 euros were lowered, so one could suspect that this time something similar could happen.

The point is that those who were considering buying their devices for the busiest time of the year during the upcoming Christmas holidays will have to wait a little longer as the launch takes place early next year.

With this move, Sony solves the unknowns while maintaining the expectations of its new virtual reality glasses, the PS VR2, which, for the record, will be accompanied by the PlayStation VR2 Sense, its wireless controller, connected via a USB cable. Cable C to PlayStation 5 console.

We also remind you that it uses a 4K HDR OLED screen that offers a resolution of 2000 × 2040p for each eye and offers smooth refresh rates between 90Hz and 120Hz. It will also have eye detection cameras, a six-axis motion sensor and a proximity sensor and a tactile vibration system.

Among the experiences, Sony influenced the exclusive arrival of Guerrilla and Firesprite’s Horizon Call of the Mountain, which will complement the rest of the original range of experiences that will be available for those who start having their own units.

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