“So that we could keep the apartment”: Iris Klein led a marriage of convenience before Peter

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Iris and Peter Klein
Iris Klein has been married to Peter Klein for 17 years. After several failed marriages, she found in him her true love for her. © Instagram / iris_klein_mama_

Iris Klein has been married to her husband Peter for 17 years and seems to have found great love in him. She searched for him for years in vain. Her other marriages were just “purpose marriages” as revealed by Daniela Katzenberger’s Mamaa.

Mallorca – After almost 17 years, Iris Klein and her husband Peter are still totally in love. Before that, the Battle of the Reality Stars contestant had been married several times. But she wasn’t really in love with any of them.

“So we could keep the apartment”: Iris Klein conducted a marriage of convenience before Peter

In Désirée Nick’s podcast (65) “Lose Luder”, the 55-year-old said: “I was actually sitting at home in Ludwigshafen when I was 17 and pregnant and then we were told you wouldn’t get an apartment if you were not married the daughter Daniela Katzenberger comes from the marriage with Jürgen Katzenberger.

“We got divorced as quickly as we got married so we could keep the apartment”explains Iris Klein. “If you ask me today, I’m like, ‘No, it couldn’t have been love at all,’” she clarifies. Iris Klein also did not find great love with Andreas Frankhauser: “At some point we realized that we love each other more as brother and sister or as best friends,” says the mother of three.

Iris Klein had to sleep in the women’s shelter at the age of 22 and with two children

This was followed by another marriage of convenience with Iranian choreographer Shahram Ali Ahmadi, whom she married only to allow him to live in Germany. Only 17 years ago she found love in Peter Klein. The couple lives together in Mallorca.

The mother of three is a crafty old dog. At the age of 22, Iris Klein “had nothing left” and had to live with her children in a women’s shelter. None of the family supported her and offered her help. Sources used: Podimo podcast “Lose Luder”, promiflash.de, Instagram.com/iris_klein_mama_

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