Smugglers went to jail, three minor girls freed: Smugglers used to sell minor girls in Gumla and sell them in Delhi, arrested

Gumla police released three girls who were sold in Delhi. An underage girl is still in possession of human traffickers. Taking harsh action against those who sold these girls in Delhi, three human traffickers were also sent to prison. Among these human traffickers there is also a smuggler, who sold girls in Delhi promising to find work by luring them. Human traffickers include Pardesiya Devi of Bishunpur, Bahura Oraon and Krishna Oraon, a resident of Mandar. The underage girls somehow passed down the story of their exploitation to their families, after which the families reported to the police headquarters. After being taken to Delhi, the smugglers pushed them to work in the kothi, then the two were locked in a room, arguing when the miner protested. Somehow, the miner informed the family via cell phone. The police took action and in this case a trafficker was arrested. Human traffickers sold three girls from Serka Nawagarh village under the Bishunpur police station. When the girls told the story of the exploitation to family members, the first case was brought against Pardesiya Devi. At the request of Pardesiya Devi, the family sent the underage girls to work. Pardesiya had assured that this work would bring a lot of money and there would not be much work to be done. After the investigation, the defendant Pardesiya Devi was arrested at her home. When Pardesiya Devi was rigorously questioned, she revealed the names of her comrades, after which Rehetoli resident Bahura Sahu was arrested. Pardesiya Devi and Bahura Oraon together took the girls to Delhi and handed them over to Krishna Ram, a Bisha Khatanga resident of Mandar Police Station.

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