Shopkeepers jam in Rohtak: Shops were locked due to lack of cleanliness and sewer overflow

Traders at the Pratap Chowk market in Rohtak, Haryana, have long been troubled by the impurity and overflowing sewers. In protest, merchants closed their stores by closing their stores. They say they are facing problems due to the negligence of officials.

Shopkeepers Ashok Chugh, Darshan, Somnath Babar, Titu Chugh, Pankaj Ahuja, Gaurav Ahuja, Sammi Kapoor and Sudarshan Suneja said that due to the lack of cleanliness outside the shops, dirt remains lying. At the same time, due to the overflow of the sewers, dirty water pours onto the street. It is not easy to cross the street. He asked the administration that this problem be solved as soon as possible.

business suffers
Merchants say their business is also affected by the widespread clutter outside the stores. They cannot leave the shops under duress, but the situation is that very few customers come to their shops. The same situation was observed in Diwali and also during the holiday season. Traders have to bear the brunt of it.

I had to clean Diwali
Trader Sudarshan said that the problem of impurity and sewer overflow has existed for a long time. Through which, in view of the Diwali festival, shopkeepers had the place cleaned up with their own money so that customers could reach the shops for shopping in Diwali. This was also the situation in Dussehra.

Neetu Dua made the head
Merchants formed the organization with their problem in mind. On the other hand, Neetu Dua was unanimously elected as the leader so that their problems could be raised and resolved. Now the voice will be raised to solve problems under Pradhan’s guidance. There, the next strategy will be made.

shop closed due to a problem
Due to the problem, the merchants haven’t opened their stores since the morning. At the same time he protested against the jamming government and administration. He says he met with the councilor and other officials and employees about their problem. So their problem doesn’t seem to be solved. However, the merchants opened their shops around 3.15pm

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