Shiv Thakare: Bigg Boss 16 contestant Shiv Thackeray used to sell newspaper and paan, 5 year old video went viral

Shiv Thackeray who won “Marathi Big Boss 2” is seen in Bigg Boss 16 these days. The way he plays is commendable. However, on the last Friday of Ka Vaar, Salman Khan himself congratulated him. Many people may not know him, but he has suffered a lot in his life. Shiv surprised everyone by revealing him on a reality show. Although this video is quite old, it is now going viral.

Shiv Thakare did MTV Roadies before doing “Bigg Boss”. When he auditioned, Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Karan Kundra, Prince Narula and Harbhajan Singh were the leaders of the gang. In the viral video, Shiva precedes them all to the audition with innocence on their faces. Here he gives his name along with him, to which the names father, grandmother and grandfather are all related. Leaders are shocked to see it at first.

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Shiv Thackeray is afraid of the dark
Well, in the video Shiva reveals that he is afraid of the dark. When everyone asked him why, he said: I don’t know, but when we went to number two, we took my mother. Whether she was out or not, she repeatedly asked him. Shiva had told that in the enough where he used to live, the toilet was far from the bedroom, but now he has taken a new house where he is tied up. Hearing these things from Shiva, everyone starts laughing loudly.

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Shiv Thackeray did all of these things
In the video, Neha asks him what is he doing? In response, she said that she currently she does all the work, but now she does dance choreography. You also do event management. Apart from that there is dad’s paan shop. He used to sit there with him, but he teaches that, so he’s gone.

Shiv Thackeray was selling newspapers with Didi
Shiv Thackeray says in the video that he sold newspapers with his boyfriend. In addition to this, he also sold sachets of milk. Then Rannvijay said how he made his body in the middle of it all. So, the contestant said that her dance class is going well, thanks to which her earnings are good too. Of what I get 10-20 thousand, I give it at home and I also spend on myself.

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Rannvijay wept because of Shiv Thackeray
Shiv Thackeray auditioned for Roadies in 2017. Meanwhile, Karan Kundra, Prince Narula and Rannvijay Singh have offered them to join their respective gangs. It was also praised for its simplicity. After that Shiva chose Rannvijay and said that he would never lower his head because it was a promise from Marathi. Hearing this, Rannvijay’s eyes went watery. He became very emotional. Neha also said that he had done the job she couldn’t have done in two and a half years. After that, he is selected and everyone also talks to his mother on the phone.

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Shiv Thackeray has been trying Big Boss for 6 years
Before going to Bigg Boss 16, Shiv Thackeray, speaking to “Zoom”, said he was trying to be a part of this show for 6 years, but it’s only possible now. He said in the interview: “I tried for 6 years. First I did Roadies. I thought there would be a way out. But nothing happened from that. I waited again. I worked hard on it. myself .It still hasn’t worked.

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He was part of the 16th season by winning Marathi Big Boss 2
Shiv Thackeray said he also rehearsed in Big Boss Marathi. ‘I was writing on the walls – Bigg Boss winner Shiv Thackeray 11. When Season 11 didn’t happen, I removed one and wrote 2. That did Season 12. But that didn’t happen either. When Marathi Big Boss arrived, that didn’t happen either. After that, when his second season came around, I felt that that’s why I was coming to this Big Boss. But even after that it didn’t happen in season 15 and I’m finally going to season 16.

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