“She-Hulk is a comedy and a satire” against the background of a legal series

“Once a woman is in charge, she will be essentially creative.” She-Hulk plans to blow some fresh air on the MCU, and it’s a hit according to Ginger Gonzaga who plays Nikki Ramos.

This August 18, 2022, a new heroine enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney will show us life in green with the adventures of Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk. Halfway between the comedy and the legal series, the series promised to explore new horizons alongside well-known and lesser-known characters from the house of ideas.

He also plans to launch a new take on superpowers and explore how difficult it is to deal with being single, 30, and even find your place in an ultra-competitive professional world. We met Ginger Gonzaga who plays Nikki Ramos, Jennifer Walters’ best friend.

My congratulations first, you have joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How does it feel to be part of such a big franchise?

It’s great, it’s a big, happy group that I’m a part of now.

How did you react?

I think I took a long walk with my dogs to find out if it was true or not (laughs). I was very surprised, our auditions took place online, but it was fun. I tried to study as much as possible. I bought all the comics, I think with Josh Segarra we had all the comics she Hulk which you can find on eBay.

There are many series and many movies related to superheroes, which come out every week on the platforms and in theaters. How is She-Hulk different?

I think the fact that it’s so funny really puts us on the side of comedy and satire. It’s the type of series where you can use a lot more characters from comics and movies.

As a lawyer, he can represent anyone. It could be someone from the comics or a superhero who has already appeared in the movies. There are a lot of really cool characters you haven’t seen yet.

The series presents a feminist message. Why is it important for the series and more generally for the MCU?

I always think it’s important to show people’s experience, which is not often seen. I think it is important for the world and for creativity. Parasite it won the Oscar and it was a very good movie from the mind of someone from Korea. He had the opportunity to show his perspective and his vision of things in a country that doesn’t often compare with this. Women aren’t always directors, they’re not always screenwriters, they have fewer opportunities. Once you call an outcast community and tell their story or view of things, once a woman is in charge, she is essentially creative.

It will necessarily be different from anything we have seen since the dawn of time, because it was always the same people who were telling these stories. This is always what we want: to see something new and fun. I love to talk about everyone’s experiences in life, it’s so human.

We do this so that all sexes can identify. I think it’s always important to frame the story around what’s funny and serious about the life of a thirty year old woman.

If She-Hulk returns for a season 2, will you be there?

Yes of course ! I love my character so much, I love Nikki so much. She is so funny, so free and a little crazy. I’d like to see what kind of trouble he might get into.

3 words to describe the series?

Oh, I would say … fun, important and exciting.

She-Hulk comes to our screens 18 August next. The series is expected to have a very close connection with many series and many films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Several iconic license heroes are expected to make an appearance. This is the case of Emil Blonsky, antagonist of the‘Incredible Hulk.

Matt Murdock also returns after his performance in Spider-Man: There is no way to go home. After all, both characters are lawyers. They are expected to cross paths in court, although a costumed performance is planned. We also discovered her new costume in a trailer. It is decorated in yellow, in homage to one of his passages in the comics.

At the moment, no second season has been promised to the series. Given the highly episodic format, one case, one episode, we can still expect Marvel to put the cover back when the hit is there.

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