Selma Blair says she had to combat MS flare-up by wearing a blindfold on ‘Dancing With the Stars’: ‘I felt too much in my body’

This week, Selma Blair shocked viewers with her latest dance with the stars Her performance as partner Sasha Farber blindfolded her on the dance floor before resuming her routine. The actress has since explained that her unconventional strategy actually allows her to dance better with the challenges that come with multiple sclerosis.

“The blindfold was really there to get rid of a lot of the extrasensory noise that really causes a lot of MS-type pseudorash symptoms, something that never happened when I was acting, but now it matters to me. It’s very easy to close my eyes so I can speak clearly or focus on things, ”he said. Excessive After the show on Monday, he attributed the idea to “Sasha’s genius”. “I felt a lot more in my body. And this is an adjustment; the real darkness on stage can be distracting. But her choreography, you know, keeps me very close.

Blair shared her MS diagnosis in October 2018 and has been open about her health journey ever since, sharing the ups and downs on social media and attending public events. his cast dance with the stars it is the ultimate demonstration of her strength and an opportunity for her cruel intentions Star to represent your community.

“It’s important for me and for people who are on boats similar to mine, neurologically or just doing something new, that it’s so important to think outside the box. And I appreciate Sasha so much because over the years I’ve really gotten to know …

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