See The New Ferrari V12 Supercar In Action Testing At Fiorano Track

Now that the Purosangue SUV is out, Ferrari is back to doing what it knows best: developing supercars. On the private Fiorano circuit in Italy, a fully camouflaged prototype was spotted making his best impression of a Roma. However, the appearance can be deceiving as the true identity of the car is as a new V12 model to replace the 812 Superfast and the hotter 812 Competizione that followed.

Roma has to make do with a smaller twin-turbo V8 engine, while this tester has a longer bonnet to likely house a twelve-cylinder power plant. A new front V12 engine is part of the latest Ferrari product roadmap, which includes 15 new models by 2026. On that list is an VE scheduled for 2025, but also a LaFerrari replacement that is expected to arrive “soon”. . How long? It is not clear.

Returning to the prototype in question, it definitely looks like a naturally aspirated V12. It is refreshing to see and hear about a new developed supercar with such a large engine displacement when most automakers are focusing on downsizing, hybrids and electric vehicles. As originally revealed in last week’s spy photos, the tester has wider wheel arches than the Roma’s flanks. The front dash houses a redesigned bumper with a larger air intake to cool the more robust engine.

We remind you that the 6.5-liter V12 of the 812 Competizione is good for an astonishing 830 hp, but Ferrari has already announced that a more powerful variant is on the way. We could…

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