Samsung’s RE+ offers discounts of up to BRL 3,000 on home appliances

The program RE + is a service of SAMSUNG which has been in Brazil since 2016 and, six years after its launch, a novelty is available for those who are thinking of changing appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners: it is possible to pay less during a new purchase.

The startup process is simple and can be done entirely on the internet, see how it works now.

How to activate RE + to pay less on Samsung appliances

From 14 October 2022, in commemoration of the International E-Waste Day and Consumer’s Aware Daya SAMSUNG began offering an online system that allows those considering a new purchase for their kitchen or laundry room to pay less for the product they crave so much.

Samsung's re + program for discounts on home appliances
The company guarantees the collection of old products from the consumer’s home (Photo: Information)

Usage is quite simple: on the page of all participating productsjust activate the chatbot located in the lower right corner. Then the coupon redemption process will begin by filling out a form. The company points out that the discount varies depending on the product the customer intends to purchase, but this value can reach up to R $ 3,000.

Reverse logistics has not yet been respected as it should, but companies like it Apple And SAMSUNG they are doing their part to do good to the planet we live on by ensuring that environmentally harmful materials return to the factories.

The service allows the withdrawal of old products

As soon as the purchase is made on the site with the discount through the program, the company undertakes to remove the old model, which can be a Lava and Dry, a refrigerator or another appliance of any brand or year of launch, to home customer load.

Samsung's re + program focused on reverse logistics
The company has discounts of up to R $ 3,000 (image: disclosure)

According to the company, the main objective is simply to ensure that the correct disposal of each of the components is carried out, regardless of the year of manufacture or the company that developed the technologies. In 2022 alone, this program has already seen an increase of almost 190% in the volume of collected electronics compared to the previous year.

Although it now only offers discounts on the purchase of household appliances, the idea has been around for 6 years and is available in brick-and-mortar stores – people interested in reverse logistics can leave headphones, smartphones, tablets and chargers in the factories’ collection boxes. World Brazil.

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