Russia’s nuclear threat definitely not a hoax, warns Putin aide

A senior Russian security official issued the strongest warning ever that Moscow has the right to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine if it is in danger, saying the West would not dare to intervene.

Dmitry Medvedev, secretary of the Russian Security Council, led by Russian President Vladimir Putin, said on Tuesday that if the threat to Russia exceeds a certain threshold, we will have to react without anyone’s consent and without lengthy consultations. .

And it’s definitely not a hoax, he said. Medvedev is one of Putin’s closest aides and is widely regarded as the expression of the Russian president’s views. His comments on Tuesday marked the clearest official warning that Moscow is considering using nuclear weapons to discourage pressure from Ukraine to reclaim Russian-occupied territories.

Kiev and its Western allies have called the Kremlin nuclear talks a bullying tactic. Medvedev stressed that the right to use nuclear weapons is in line with Russia’s nuclear deterrence doctrine, which states that such weapons can be used if the country is nuclear attacked or attacked with conventional weapons. In case it is a threat to our existence. State.

Let’s imagine that Russia is forced to use the most powerful weapon against the Ukrainian regime that has committed an act of mass aggression, dangerous for the very existence of our state, Medvedev wrote on his app channel. It is courier. I believe NATO will refrain from direct interference in the conflict in this regard.

Officials are trying to determine the cause of mysterious leaks and pressure drops affecting the pipelines connecting Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

The problems plaguing the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines come when a new pipeline to move Poland and Europe away from Russian gas should be opened. Neither Nord Stream 1 nor 2 were actively used to bring gas from Russia due to the energy stalemate between Russia and Europe due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Although both were filled with natural gas from Russia.

Officials said the leaks did not pose a threat to energy supplies because the Russians do not supply gas through them, and experts said the environmental impact would be limited.

The British military said on Tuesday it could be seen declaring the four Russian territories occupied by Ukraine in a speech scheduled for the end of the week by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a daily intelligence briefing, the British Defense Ministry said Putin will address both houses of the Russian parliament on Friday and could announce a merger of the regions. A critical international vote is underway in the regions which will end on Tuesday. Russian leaders almost certainly hope that any announcement of annexation will be seen as confirmation of a special military operation and build patriotic support for the conflict, the British said.

This aspiration will be undermined by the growing internal awareness of Russia’s recent battlefield (setback) and the significant unease over the partial mobilization announced last week.

The last day of voting in the Russian territories of Ukraine began on Tuesday. The vote is supposed to serve as a pretext for their annexation by Moscow, but it was dismissed as a farce by Kiev and its Western allies.

At least in the areas where the vote took place, security was tight: the Ukrainian army general staff said that travel to the occupied southern region of Kherson is completely closed on entry and exit. the exit. He did not specify. The Ukrainian army also claimed that seven Russian army Ural trucks were hit in Kherson the day before.

Tuesday is the last day of five voting days. Authorities in Russian-controlled areas said they would open polling stations on Tuesday after going door-to-door in some areas, following soldiers armed with rifles.

The Ukrainian Air Force’s anti-aircraft command said it shot down four Iranian-made Shaheed-136 suicide drones in Odessa.

The Black Sea port city has been targeted repeatedly in recent days, with Iranian drones now being used by Russia in combat. Ukrainian officials also said Tuesday that Russian rocket fire targeted the southern regions of Zaporizhzhya and Mykolaiv overnight, causing damage to residential buildings and other sites.

Since the Kiev counter-offensive earlier this month, Ukrainian forces have continued to advance on the eastern bank of the Oskil River, a new front line in the war. The Washington-based Institute for the Study of War cited Russian reports that Ukrainian forces were advancing north of the city of Lyman in the Donetsk region. Lyman was an important node for the Russian front.

The institute said Ukraine wanted to surround Russian forces in Lyman from the northwest.

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