RSL condemns flag burning protests

The RSL condemned the anti-monarchy protesters who destroyed the Australian flag during the demonstrations as deplorable.

On Thursday, protesters in Birrarung Marr, a city center park on the Yarra River, cut the flag and chanted “abolish the monarchy”, while in Sydney CBD the flag was burned.

RSL President Greg Melick said the protesters showed a blatant disrespect that would be denounced by all reasonable Australians.

“His Majesty and our national flag are entitled and deserve the deepest respect,” said Mr. Melick.

“The actions of the demonstrators yesterday were deplorable and a disgrace to the Australian military which made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.”

The Melbourne rally, led by Federal Green Senator Lidia Thorpe, was one of the largest on the Queen’s National Day of Mourning.

Ms. Thorpe’s hands were covered in fake blood as she spoke to the crowd about the countless atrocities and human rights violations against First Nations people.

Mr. Melick said he was severely disappointed with Ms. Thorpe’s actions who chose to lead a demonstration instead of honoring the Queen at the funeral service in Canberra.

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