Royal Air Force restricts access to ‘white men’ to prioritize women and ethnic minorities

The recruitment section of Royal Air Force (RAF) the United Kingdom is ordered to a “pause” in offering positions at work for “white men”. The purpose of this measure is to achieve the objectives of ethnic and gender diversity.

The Department of Defense announced that it intends to increase the share of recruits in the armed forces as a whole to 30% in 2030. The percentage currently stands at 12%. On the other hand, the goal for ethnic minorities is to succeed in doubling during that same period the current figure, 10%, of all Air Force recruits.

“We are all really for diversity and want to see better representation in the services, but the levels of ambition of the ethnic targets are absolutely crazy“, one of the sources close to the RAF told Sky News. “There is no scientific or cultural basis for these levels of ambition,” he pointed out. In addition, he has rated these ‘impossible’ diversity goals.

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The RAF was the first service to open all roles to women and already has the highest proportion of women in the country’s military, but it intends to go further and is even more ambitious than the Ministry of Defense itself. The RAF wants it to reach 40% by the end of this decademore than twice the current level.

Consequences of these measures

However, the RAF must also employ enough people in the right occupations meet your “operational needs”that is, the necessary and qualified personnel to effectively cover all tasks within the Army and with a guarantee of maintaining the security of the United Kingdom.

One of the problems faced by those responsible for RAF recruitment is that women and ethnic minorities are often reluctant to join certain areas of service, such as the infantry that defends airfields. Hiring white men who want these jobs ensures that these vital roles are filled, but at the expense of diversity numbers.

“High command appears to be prioritizing diversity over operational needs,” some military sources told British media.

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This pressure has caused resignation of the captain of the group, who headed the RAF’s recruitment department at Cranwell, as he was unwilling to comply with such a request. This seems to indicate that there is generally an apparent feeling of disapproval of the measure imposed in the RAF.

Resignations and concern

These new orders in the RAF have already caused resignations of important posts. The Royal Air Force’s chief of recruitment has resigned in protest at this “pause” in job offers to white men in favor of women and ethnic minorities. A few days ago the senior officer sent a notice to show his concern that any hiring restrictions, however temporary and limited, “undermines the RAF’s fighting power”.

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However, nothing could be further from being anti-diversity, various members of this military section have pointed out how under this officer’s tenure – from 2019 – the RAF has taken measures to be more inclusive, such as replace the term “pilot” with “aviator” (“aviator“from”aviator“)adopt gender-specific or neutral pronouns in signatures and allow employees to grow beards.

Some in the RAF accused Air Marshal and Head of Department Sir Mike Wigston of being “willing to compromising the security of the United Kingdom at a time of growing threats from Russia and China.”

Maria Byford, RAF Vice Marshal, at an official ceremony.

Maria Byford, RAF Vice Marshal, at an official ceremony.

Twitter: @mariabyford

Response from the authorities

Mary Byford, an RAF vice-marshal, reiterated that he was not ashamed of a policy which critics say could prioritize women and people from ethnic minorities over white men. “I want the best people. and if I can include more women and more people from different backgrounds, I think I will have better long term service. We’re not ashamed to do it because I think it’s a good thing.”

The Ministry of Defense assured that “standards will not be lowered to prevent a group from entering the RAF. Basic training courses will be full when they start. There is no threat to the operational effectiveness of the RAF.’

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However, they admit that this is the case slowed down the recruitment processtherefore a meeting with the RAF Board will take place in September. This meeting will look at ways recruits can be selected on merit, their gender or ethnicity if they meet the basic requirements to join the service.

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