Round Rock Spooky DIY Halloween Display

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — WARNING: The content below is spooky. Proceed at your own risk.

If you happen to be in Round Rock this month, you might come across a lawn filled with some truly spooky and expensive-looking decorations.

While some may no doubt scare you, many of the items have been put together on a DIY budget.

This is where Jamie Nakae and her husband, Jay Grenier, step in. Their full-time job is creating these chilling ornaments and showing their 325,000+ subscribers how to make a version of them at home.

“A lot of the props you see here are actually props we made on the channel and showed people how to make them from scratch,” Nakae said.

Nakae has been passionate about Halloween since she was very young and decorates her parents’ house for the holiday every year.

She didn’t stop there. She turned this childhood passion into a career, working for several years in Los Angeles in the field of special effects.

There she worked on films such as Terminator 3, Hellboy, Fantastic Four and Wrong Turn.

She eventually ditched the Hollywood life and moved to central Texas, where she now lives with Grenier and their two children.

Although she left California, she did not retire from her creative pursuits.

Here, Nakae and Grenier continue to decorate their lawn every year, debuting a new creepy animatronic each Halloween.

“I’m super inspired by Haunted Mansion, Disneyland and Pirates of the Caribbean stuff like that,” Grenier said.

The duo said they love Halloween not only because of their affinity for spooky things, but also because it inspires them to create and decorate in unique ways.

“There’s definitely a new showstopper every year… This year my favorite is Lord Raven. “He’s so great,” she continued.

“Lord Raven,” a new addition to Jamie Nakae and Jay Grenier’s Halloween exhibit in Round Rock, Texas (KXAN Photos/Sam Stark)

Nakae and Grenier also keep an eye on the green for their otherworldly creations. They try to process the materials so that nothing is wasted.

“There is so much waste produced around the Halloween industry. So if there’s an opportunity to rework it and reinvent it into a Halloween prop, we’re all for it,” she said.

If you want to impress (or scare) your neighbors with some weird Halloween props this year, you can visit the Wicked Makers YouTube channel.

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