Road safety boss rules out extending double demerit scheme to cover holiday to mourn the Queen’s death

The double demerits will not take effect until after the special holiday to mourn the queen’s death due to legislative restrictions, WA’s Road Safety Commissioner confirmed.

The possibility of the double demerit regime being extended to include the five days between Thursday’s National Day of Mourning and the Queen’s birthday party was raised in a radio interview with Police Commissioner Colonel Blanch on Wednesday.

However, Road Safety Commissioner Adrian Warner said that while the commission “had considered extending the period to include the single holiday”, this “was not possible under the current legislative framework”.

The double demerit period will start as scheduled at 12:01 next Friday.

Minister of Police and Road Safety Michelle Roberts unveils the Washington State Police Force's Next Generation Drug and Alcohol Test Buses as part of the McGowan government's efforts to eliminate alcohol and drug drivers from our streets: Pictured road safety commissioner Adrian Warner speaks to the media.  Pictured: Michael Wilson 12/07/20
Camera iconRoad Safety Commissioner Adrian Warner. Credit: Michele Wilson/Western Australia

“Double demerit periods are regulated under the Road Traffic Regulations (Driving License) of 2014 and Regulation 67 sets out the holiday periods in which they can be applied,” said the Safety Commission. Street.

“Since the National Day of Mourning in honor of Her Majesty the Queen does not fall within this scope, the period of the double demerit cannot be extended beyond the foreseen four days”.

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