RHOP: Ashley Darby shares throwback photo with daisies and long blonde braids

RHOP Ashley Darby stuns in daisy shorts. Photo Credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Carrie-Nelson

Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby continues to serve up looks amid her divorce.

She was married for less than two years before joining the show. And every season she had to defend her marriage.

Ashley does her best to put on a brave face and stay positive.

She recently posted a photo of herself wearing daisies and a white crop top, where she appeared to be leaning against the glass balcony of her apartment.

Her long blonde tresses fell almost to mid-thigh as she smiled sheepishly at the camera.

Ashley captioned the photo: “I really miss my braids.”

Ashley Darby wants fans’ opinions on her summer hairstyle

She tagged her hairstylist, adding that she “did everything with the color and style I asked for.” She also asked her followers: “Should I give them another shot before the end of the summer?”

Many fans responded that Ashley looked amazing.

One fan wrote: “Yes you look so cute Ashley,” adding heart and eye emojis.

Comment on Ashley's post
Photo Credit: @ashleyboalchdarby/Instagram

Another follower gave advice to the star, writing: ‘Yes! I STAY with braids because hair is A LOT and braids are low maintenance.’

Viewer comment on RHOP Ashley Darby's post
Photo Credit: @ashleyboalchdarby/Instagram

The road was not easy for Ashley. She had to go through her divorce with two small children.

She recently posted a photo of herself from her engagement party, saying she was feeling nostalgic.

Ashley Darby’s estranged husband embarrassed her several times on the show

Ashley and Michael Darby recently announced that they will be divorcing before Season 7 of RHOP.

After the Season 2 reunion, the couple broke up. This time it seems more definitive.

Throughout their time on the show, Ashley had to defend Michael’s actions through his rumors and even admitted cheating.

At one point, he was accused of sexually assaulting a Bravo cameraman after allegedly groping him without his consent.

Many times fans have photographed him with other women and even other men claiming infidelity – although he has always denied being bisexual.

Fans and her co-stars have also questioned the 29-year age gap between Ashley and her estranged husband.

Viewers also saw them struggle to open and then keep OZ, their Australian restaurant in Maryland.

Ashley also had trouble conceiving, but was able to welcome two sons, Dean and Dylan.

Ashley openly discussed on the show her desire to obtain a postnuptial agreement so that in the event of a divorce she would be better protected.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 wrapped filming in early July and is expected to premiere this fall on Bravo.

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