Reporter Sadaf Naeem is bludgeoned to death in Pakistan

Islamabad: Sadaf Naeem, a reporter covering PTIs long march for Channel Five, was crushed to death in an accident near Sadhoke in Gujranwala district on Sunday, media reported.

According to Channel Five, the reporter was run over by PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s container. The media said that Naeem fell from the container and was then crushed by the vehicle, Dawn reported.

PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry confirmed the development saying that a woman mediator was killed and that Imran Khan got down from the vehicle himself to check the incident while Rescue 1122 was also alerted.

“We’re not 100 per cent sure of the identity, but the reports are very bad,” Chaudhry said before Channel Five’s confirmation.

Chaudhry asked the public to be careful while walking past Imran Khan’s container, adding that the lives of all the people contributing to the march were “precious and respected”.

As a result of the incident, PTI has canceled Sunday’s activities in solidarity with the victim of the incident.

Soon after, Khan expressed his condolences to the reporter’s family.

“I say this with great regret that due to an incident we are postponing the procession today. We pray for the patience and strength of the woman’s family to deal with the tragedy,” he said in a brief address to supporters.


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