Relationship Tips: How To Be a Good Listener to Your Partner

No relationship is easy to manage, let alone a romantic relationship. However, making it easier by learning how to grow with your partner and maintain a healthy relationship is something we all strive for. Listening is a crucial part of a healthy relationship. You need to make your partner feel listened to by listening to everything he has to say. It takes time and effort. We often try to solve whatever problem our partner is facing rather than being there for them when they want to share. Our restorative nature often interrupts their emotions and they feel like they are doing something wrong rather than feeling like something is wrong with them.

According to Relationships Australia, practicing “active listening” is important in becoming a good listener. According to the website, “Active listening is hearing the whole message the other person is communicating, not just the spoken words.”

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Here are some tips for being a good listener:

Eliminate distractions – Make sure you pay your full attention to your partner by interrupting everything you are doing and not encouraging any interruptions.

Use your body language – Make eye contact, approach, smile and nod regularly to make your partner feel like you understand every word he says.

withhold judgment – Don’t judge your partner based on the scenarios he explains. Fear of judgment can cause them not to communicate with you and to suppress their feelings and emotions.

Ask questions – Make sure you ask questions whenever you feel unable to grasp something. It is important to fully understand how your partner feels so that he feels comfortable with him.

Summarize and repeat what they said – When they are done talking to you, summarize everything they said and repeat the details to them so that they are sure that you hear them correctly.

By following these steps, you will become a better listener, who will help your partner confide in you in the future.

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