Real Madrid gave Celta their due in the first game since Casemiro’s departure

The Real Madrid sail at cruising speed and without Casemiro. A loose and comfortable win against a Celtic powerless against the quality of the team Ancelotti. recital of modric Y Chuameni He showed why the white club is so calm after the sale of one of its big bastions like the Brazilian. Benzema, Modric, Vinicius and Fede Valverde scored in the win. Blades scored the only goal for the team from the penalty spot Coudet. [Narración y estadísticas: Celta 1-4 Real Madrid].

Solid and strong, this is Ancelotti’s Real Madrid. Celtic, like Almeria on the opening day of The league, was a more than worthy opponent, but failed to take a single point against the reigning champion. The white team had to work for the win in a difficult first half and were a steamroller in the second thanks to their counterattacks and quick transitions.

Modric must have thought the best way to honor his great friend Casemiro was with one of his exhibitions. At 36, he showed why he is a unique player. Great boot goal to unleash Real Madrid and assist Vinicius to make it 1-3. Just Luke. The CMK died, but in Vigo CMT.

Celta’s early momentum made Real Madrid uncomfortable until Ancelotti’s men opened the scoring in the 13th minute. Cudet’s side tried to put pressure on the Whites, who made their debut in Balaidos’ black and fluorine kit, so that are having trouble getting the ball out of his box at the moment. However, the match changed with Tapia’s hand.

Alaba finishes a ball after touching Chuameni’s head and the ball meets the Peruvian as he is on his way towards goal. Jill Manzano He did not specify the maximum punishment, but later called off the match after the announcement of VAR. The referee from Extremadura saw the pictures and did not hesitate to call a penalty. Benzema did not fail and made his debut in La Liga 2022/2023.

At 0-1 it looked like Real Madrid would have a quiet game but in the 23rd minute, Military He got it wrong and Celta managed to equalise. Headshot of Patience and the Brazilian clearly touches with his hand after jumping with his hands very far away from his body. Courtois he recognized Aspas’ shot, but the Sky Blues managed to make the score 1:1.

After the exchange of penalties, Celta responded better than Real Madrid. Ugo Malo Y Javier Galan They made the Whites’ defense difficult with their runs down the flanks, and Ancelotti’s midfield was at times nervous and imprecise in passing. Those losses resulted in the best chances for the Galician team.

Modric and rock and roll

When Real Madrid were perhaps at their worst, Luka Modric appeared. As if he were a genie in a lamp, he rubbed the ball in to put his right foot into Marquesin’s line-up in the 42nd minute, before leaving Tapia behind to collect the ball and fire home to make it 1-2. A goal of a timeless player.

At the start of the second half, Pasiencia’s shot went over the bar. Celta continued to wage war on Real Madrid, but a lead against the white team was the last straw. In the 56th minute, Vigo’s side called for a hand that wasn’t there from Militao and Ancelotti’s side took advantage of the confusion, so Modric left Vinicius alone against Marquesin. The Brazilian coolly dribbled past the goalkeeper and scored at will for 1-3.

Luka Modric celebrates his goal against Celta with his Real Madrid teammates

Luka Modric celebrates his goal against Celta with his Real Madrid teammates


After the third goal, Real Madrid relaxed and took advantage of Celta’s risks. In the first match without Casemiro Chuameni shone. Brilliant without the ball and gradually growing into the creation of the play. The Frenchman stole the ball and launched a quick counter that ended the 1-4 lead in the 66th minute. Vinicius passed to Benzema but he slipped and the ball was used by Fede Valverde to drive a low, tight cross wide from the reach of the Marchesín. Rock and roll from Carletto’s band.

At intervals this Real Madrid kills you. Chuameni and Kamavinga are perfect to play this way and the French duo went from less to more in the match. The last 20 minutes were to see the gallop of Rudiger the time he plays at right back and Hazard misses a penalty. Benzema was brought down in the box and gave the Belgian a penalty to gain confidence. Markesin, however, saved the penalty. This great Real Madrid is only missing the rebirth of Eden.

Celtic 1-4 Real Madrid

Celtic RC: Marchesin; Hugo Malo, Aidou, Unai Nunes, Javi Galan; Tapia (Luca de la Torre, 86′); Oscar Rodriguez (Gabri Veiga, 77′), Beltran, Cervi; Aspas and patience (Carles Perez, 68′).

Real Madrid: Courtois; Carvajal (Rüdiger, 68′), Militao, Alaba (Lucas Vazquez, 76′), Mendy; Chuameni, Kamavinga (Hazard, 82′), Modric (Ceballos, 76′); Fede Valverde, Vinicius (Asensio, 82′) and Benzema.

aims: 0-1 Benzema (p), 12′; 1-1 blades (p), 22′; 1-2 Modric, 41′; 1-3 Vinicius, 55′; 1-4 Faith Valverde, 66′.

Referee: Gil Manzano (Extremadura Committee). He alerted Celta’s Tapia (12′) and Carvajal (64′), Alaba (68′).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the second day of LaLiga played at the Abanca Balaídos Stadium in front of 15,681 spectators.

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