R&B singer Ginuwine passes out, unconscious after dangerous Criss Angel magic stunt goes wrong

R&B singer Ginuwine Criss Angels was fighting for her life after a dangerous stunt went awry during rehearsals for the show Magic With The Stars.

Earlier this week, the 51-year-old artist reportedly passed out after diving underwater while holding his breath in a glass box with heavy chains on the outside, Ginuwine’s rep told Fox NewsDigital. confirmed with.

“Ginuvine is doing well and has fully recovered,” his rep revealed in a statement.

“He was overcoming a fear. Fortunately, everything is fine because she was working with Criss Angel, who is the best in the business.

In the video obtained by the Daily Mail, the “Pony” singer was seen to emerge quickly from the water after being immersed in the cube for at least 10 seconds. He then he gasped as the staff members brought him and laid him on the floor.

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“Are you OK?” A staff member asked Genuvine after the fatal stunt.

R&B singer Genuvine is fighting for his life after a dangerous stunt went awry during rehearsals for Criss Angels’ Magic With The Stars show.

He nodded to confirm that he was conscious.

Paramedics were contacted for help from the “In the Jeans” singer and noted that the media claimed he had made a full recovery after stopping his unsafe work.

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“It all happened so quickly, like he was involved in a fight,” the source said.

Ginuwine, a 51-year-old artist, reportedly passed out when he drowned underwater while holding his breath in a glass box with heavy chains on the outside.

The source added: “On the show he was trying to overcome his fear of being underwater because he couldn’t hold his breath for more than 15 seconds before trying the stunt.”

“Even though he failed the rehearsals, he continued the stunts of the show and everyone was in tears.”

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Ginuwine, real name Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, went to her Instagram Thursday to tell her fans that she was in good shape after her stunt.

After sharing a selfie, the artist titled his post: “Laughing my ass, Prince said he was the best lolol.”

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Hashtags include #love #life #laugh #imgood #superman #imnotdead.

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Jay Pharoah, along with other Genuine fans, commented on her post and wished her well.

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“I am glad that you are well brother”, published the pharaoh.

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