Rasika Dugal: Doing an international project is on my wish list, putting it in the universe. Specific

the first season of the Netflix original series Delhi Crime, released in 2019, became the first Indian series to win the Outstanding Drama Series award at the 2020 International Emmy Awards. Following in his footsteps, the second season of Delhi Crime also received wide acclaim from the criticism. Leaders Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal and Tillotama Shome have received praise for their gritty performances.

In an exclusive chat with News18, Dugal shared that the webcast proved a turning point in his career as it helped him explore a new side of acting. “For me, the crime of Delhi is a very important part of my career, not so much that it has global recognition. It was a very special experience for me as an artist. Neeti Singh is one of my favorite characters because I identify with her a lot. This show was one of my most emotionally engaging experiences, “he says.

He credits the show’s success to its directors Richie Mehta and Tanuj Chopra and adds: “Even though the two seasons are very different from each other, I have had some pretty creative collaborations in both and it was very easy to find. Not here. Nor is it easy to find people who understand, appreciate and cultivate the nuances of a show.

It is said that taking action is a lot to react. Duggal agrees and many believe it’s one of the best career performances of him for his co-stars on the show. “Working with an ensemble cast is a lot of fun. I was amazed by the performance of all my co-stars. They really knew how to work on a choral project and you can see that energy on the screen. We played against each other and there were a lot of fundamental and unique improvisations for a show like Delhi Crime, ”he notes.

The crime drama brought Duggal to international fame and earned him acclaim from different parts of the world. Recalling an incident, the 37-year-old said: “I am very happy that my character has been so successful. In fact, I was recently shooting in Yorkshire and there was a musician in the bar on the estate where we were staying. I was in a very different avatar because I was shooting for a movie. He looked at me and said, ‘Wait a minute … you are the Niti Singh of Delhi Crime!’ He was a Frenchman and had seen the show. It’s always nice to see your work to a global audience.

In addition to Delhi Crime, Duggal has also taken part in other web projects such as Made in Heaven, which also appeared at the International Emmy Awards and A Suitable Boy (2020), which premiered on BBC One in the UK. Ask her if these shows have opened their doors to her internationally and she replies: “Hard to say. When Delhi Crime came out, I had a lot of other projects coming up. Shortly before, Mirzapur was released. All I can say is that good stories can cross all boundaries.

While some of your contemporaries settle in international waters, do they have plans to work in the West as well? “Of course, I would be interested in doing an international project. It’s on my wish list and I’m putting it into the universe, I hope it happens soon, “the actor revealed of Manto (2018) and Lootcase (2020).

But Duggal said he didn’t have time to actively pursue his Hollywood dream. “My commitments for the last few seasons of my show and the new offers I received last year didn’t leave me much time. It is true that you have to work to get an international job. It won’t miraculously land on your lap. I mean, it could happen, but it’s just a matter of coincidence. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t have time, ”he says.

The actress, who began her career with 2007’s Anwar film, credits the OTT space for bringing actors like her to global prominence. Although she is delighted to have found wide acceptance and exposure through a slew of web series over the years, she looks back and regrets that the early years of her career saw some of her most acclaimed projects. she. criticisms such as Kissa (2015) and After their Sunday theatrical release of Tu Hai Mera (2017), she did not receive the amount due.

Dugal shared: “It would have been nice to have an OTT invasion back then, but those movies are now on the Steam platform anyway. In fact, Qissa was seen by more people afterwards when it was released in smaller theaters. I’m very happy that. the OTT boom happened during a certain phase of my career. I don’t know what I would have done without it. It was a blessing.

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