Rama Seetha Ekkada(Zee Telugu) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Rama Seetha Ekkada (Zee Telugu) Serial Cast, Times, History, Real Name, Wiki & More:

Zee Telugu broadcasts the Telugu mega-serial Rama Seethekkada every day at 8pm Monday to Friday. Meenakshi and Vasudev are the two characters at the center of the story. Simply put, it’s the story of a country girl. The main premise of this serial is about her struggle and her life after being married to a sadist. The Hindi television series Dil Se Hi Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava has an official remake.


Rama Seetha Ekkada

Meenakshi, a young woman who has had to face her greatest fears, marries a violent and possessive man. Vasudev, her husband, is a handsome and affectionate man to the outside world, but at home things were different. He was unjustifiably dominant, but he was also incredibly polite, polite and charming. Only Meenakshi was fully aware of her manipulative and illogical personality. A wealthy businessman named Vasudev is immediately impressed with her. However, following their marriage, he faces enormous brutality and torment from him.

Rama Seetha Ekkada (Zee Telugu)

She tries to change it as she cares about him but is unable to and will continue to hope that it will change in the future. But because she can’t stand Vasudev’s agony, she poses as her dead and runs away on her own. When Vasudev learns of his wife’s death, he is stunned. Meenakshi renames himself Janaki and starts living like that fake person. She has been transformed into a strong woman who can address her concerns about her by her uncle’s daughter who has become her savior. When Raghuram’s financial brother sees Janaki, he immediately falls in love with her. But she will never notice. To care for Raghuram’s sick mother, Janaki stays at her home. The people in Raghuram’s house ultimately appreciate her and think of her as a member of their family.

Rama Seetha Ekkada Launch

Vasudev Rao like Vasudev

Rama Seetha Ekkada

Preethi Srinivas as Meenamma

Rama Seetha Ekkada

Rama Seetha Ekkada Times

Later this month, Rama Seetha Ekkada, a new TV series, would debut on Zee Telugu. No details have been released about the show yet, but there are plenty of rumors that it may be airing in the timeslot that Muddu Bidda previously held. The focus of the series is a woman and her husband’s relationship and the ups and downs in each of their lives. We expect to receive more information soon.

channel name Zee Telugu
Serial times 20:00 (Monday-Friday)
Execution time 22 minutes
Start date
Tongue Telugu
Village India

Rama Seetha Ekkada History

Vasudev locates Meenakshi after learning she is still alive. He makes plays with the help of Nithya, the daughter of a powerful politician. Nithya, however, develops feelings for Vasudev and wants to get rid of Raghuram and Meenakshi. Raghuram is a good man and also tells the truth about Janaki’s story, so she agrees to marry him. Vasudev, however, is viewed favorably by Raghuram’s family and they strive to reconcile him with Janaki. Vasudev Rao, a Telugu actor, plays the part of Vasudev and Preeti Srinivas plays the part of Meenakshi. Vasudev Rao has worked in the television industry for 16 years; before that, he starred in popular series like Yuva and was a model. He was also a finalist in the 2002 men’s beauty contest. Preeti Srinivas is a Bharathanatyam dancer and former psychologist who now works as an actress. She appeared in the popular Kodi television series Ramakrishna Pella Pandiri.

Serial name Rama Seetha Ekkada
Genre Soap opera
Start date 25 August 2014
End date December 9, 2017
No. of episodes 1.021
Times Mon to Fri 20:00
Execution time 22 minutes
Channel Zee Telugu
Tongue Telugu
Director Puli Vasu
producers N / A
Production house N / A

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