Rachel Burkons: Bio, Age, Spouse, and Cannabis Activism

Getting creative in the kitchen with marijuana is fast becoming a trend among weed lovers.
Rachel Burkons, one of the most sought after cannabis advocates in the industry, knows how to handle it
in style.
Together with his brother, Holden Jagger, he is paving the way in the marijuana industry as a culinary extraordinary, influencer and living bong. Jagger is an award-winning chef and weed grower.
Like many other growers, growing sativa cannabis seeds ensures that it always has its main ingredient at hand. Rachel’s advice to people new to the weed world is to always start by learning about the plant from the seed.
Let’s find out who Rachel Burkons is and how her love of weed sheds light on innovative eating experiences.

Biography of Rachel Burkons

Rachel Burkons is a professional educator and consultant in cannabis hospitality and culinary arts. As a marijuana advocate, she focuses on normalizing weed use through her love of food and drink.
She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2004 and earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English / Humanity Language and Literature.
Incorporating cannabis into food and drink is what drives Rachel to be the best at what she does. In addition to her professional career, she is a weed-inspired blogger, influencer, writer, and socialite.
In addition to her love of cannabis and the culinary arts, she is family oriented and a loyal friend.
She is goal oriented and when she sets something for herself, she achieves it.
Rachel Burkons is the new link between marijuana and food. If you’ve ever doubted trying weed in edibles, it shows you how to infuse them in other ways.
One of its goals is to educate people about the therapeutic properties of cannabis and how it fits into the beauty and cooking industry. These tiny marijuana and hemp seeds also possess various health benefits.
Rachel is well known in the world of cannabis, wine and spirits. Her personality and her spontaneous drive allow her to network and connect with big brands, names and creators of taste.
Today he holds many titles and it all depends on his love of weed, cooking and hospitality.
She is one of the famous weed smokers in the industry because she loves to consume, learn and brew beer.

Rachel Burkons: age and family

Los Angeles is Rachel’s hometown, where he lives with his wife, two children and pets.
Although her age is somewhat of a mystery, we know her love and appreciation for cannabis
they are about ten years old.
He often refers to his family for their continued support throughout his journey. Although her wife doesn’t consume THC products, Rachel enjoys treating her with CBD-based gourmet breakfasts.
Rachel’s brother Holden Jagger co-founded Altered Plates with her and brings her growing experience to the kitchen.
Being a master chef is one thing, but skillfully pairing the flavors and aromas of cannabis with food takes passion and skill. This is one of those famous weeds you would love to have at your next party.

Rachel Burkons: Professional background

Smoke, Sip, Savor isn’t just the name of Rachel’s consulting business. These are also three words that describe her career. Before she became the marijuana culinary expert she is today, she was in
for 12 years in the wine and spirits sector.
His professional interest in weed stems from his discovery that cannabis, wine, and spirits share similarities when infused with food. He then began to explore the endless possibilities of adding marijuana to the culinary world.

Rachel found that people respond well to weed-infused eating experiences. She inspired the business he now has with his brother.

Let’s take a look at Rachel’s career path and what led her to become a successful culinary chef. marijuana activist.

● The Tasting Panel Magazine and The SOMM Journal (October 2007 – December 2018): as Vice President

Partner and publisher, he neglected editorial content and workflow. she succeeded photography, design and printing team.

● Altered Plates Hospitality (October 2016 to present): cannabis-based culinary hospitality company founded by Rachel and her brother Holden Jagger. They specialize in supply marijuana in consumer companies and raise awareness through fine dining.

● Smoke Sip Savor (January 2016 to present): Rachel’s cannabis-inspired tip Agency. It offers writing, brand education, project management, social media management, event production, recipe development and marketing.

● Crop to Kitchen (January 2019 to present): This basic business organization is at the forefront way to legalize cannabis cooking in the U.S. As the company’s executive director,

Rachel goes hand in hand with other leaders in the marijuana culinary industry.

● The Clever Root (October 2021 to present): Rachel Burkons takes over as editorial Director of this medium. Aims to normalize cannabis through food, wine and hospitality.

Rachel’s busy schedule also includes the role of Hospitality Director for Cure Designs. She often offers its services and expertise to national publications such as Cannabis Now.

The annual Wine and Weed Symposium in Santa Rosa has Rachel on its advisory board. She often collaborates with cannabis drink exhibits and food fairs, famous weed smokers frequent.

Spreading the love of weed is her mantra and she does it through food, wine and social media. exhibitions.

Rachel Burkons: The cannabis activist

As one of the industry’s strongest cannabis advocates, Rachel Burkons has a goal in mind. Educate society and legally bring food and grass to everyone’s table.
Try to change the way people perceive cannabis through misconceptions and replace them with new ideas. The stoner stigma needs to be eradicated and Rachel is working meaningfully
change that narrative.
Following her social media pages gives you a taste of class and sophistication in a space with cannabis. Rachel wants to see marijuana legalized, especially in the culinary field
If cannabis were legalized on a larger scale, it could also open doors to many other sectors.
Weed smokers and base supporters are already rejoicing over the latest news on the pardon of prisoners for possession of cannabis in the United States. Could it be another step towards legalization?
weeds at the federal level?
Ultimately, loosening cannabis laws creates better business opportunities. Banks can help with financing, commerce will become more accessible, and cooking experts can spread to different states.

Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher, experienced cannabis grower at SeedSupreme seed bank

. For 7 years career in the marijuana growing industry, Jennifer has acquired a great deal of skill in this industry. How when it comes to weed, she knows everything perfectly. Jennifer is also an expert in weed culture such as types of cannabis and their effects. He also knows all the nuances of the legislation.


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