Queen Elizabeth II mural on London building dubbed ‘absolutely dreadful’ amid calls for its removal

It was to be a lasting tribute to the queen, which spanned the full height of a two-story building.

But a painted mural created to celebrate the death of Queen Elizabeth II was dubbed “absolutely scary” and even asked someone to “paint over the bloody thing”.

My London reports that British artists Jignesh and Yash Patel have spent the past six days creating the huge mural on the side of a London building.

“This work of art will not only pay homage to the queen, but will also be a work of art that will be enjoyed by thousands of people across the UK for many years to come,” Jignesh told the publication. .

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But the piece, which shows the queen wearing a crown and formal insignia, was served by Brits who were little struck by its resemblance to Her Majesty.

The artists pose with pride with their works.
Camera iconThe artists pose with pride with their works. Credit: Jignesh J. Patel

Some have compared the work to the infamous Cristiano Ronaldo statue and the failed Ecce Homo paint repair job in a Spanish church.

“Of course they have good intentions, but Christ on a bicycle is absolutely scary !!!!!” wrote a Facebook user.

“Congratulations it’s perfect… .. if our beloved queen had a 40 a day dress and mild Bell’s palsy. Seriously… ..paint on it. Simply awful, “added another.

epaselect epa05877450 The bust of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo pictured during a christening event at Madeira Airport in Santa Cruz, Madeira Island, Portugal, March 29, 2017. Madeira International Airport has been officially named Cristiano Ronaldo Airport in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo, born and raised in Madeira.  EPA / GREGORIO CUNHA
Camera iconThe artwork has been compared to this infamous statue of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Credit: GREGORIO CUNHA/APE

“It’s horrible! Nothing like her! God rests her soul, she can’t see it! Writes another.

Some realists insist the mural looks more like Coronation Street character Ena Sharples, Donald Trump, and even former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson “in a wig.”

This combination of two undated photos made available by the Centro de estudios Borjanos shows the 20th century Ecce Homo-style Christ fresco before (left) and after (right) the elderly amateur artist Celia Gimenez, 80, taken up to restore it in the church of the agricultural town of Borja, in the north of Spain.  The incident made national news and was a hot topic on the internet on Thursday, August 23, 2012, with some Twitter users voicing it.
Camera iconThe Ecce Homo style fresco of Christ before and after an elderly amateur artist took charge of restoring it in the church of the agricultural village of Borja, in northern Spain. Credit: Borjanos Study Center/POPE

“When you order Her Majesty’s mural from Wish,” joked another Brit.

The artists hold the Guinness World Record for the largest bubble painting and seem unimpressed by the backlash, sharing photos of themselves proudly posing with their finished work.

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The tribute echoes a flower show to Princess Diana in the British city of Chesterfield, which has been branded as “horrible” and an “insult” to the late royal.

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