Pump Rules: Tom Schwartz says he’s ‘sinking’ in self-pity after split from Katie Maloney

Tom Schwartz admits he had a hard time dealing with the sadness of his divorce from Katie Maloney. Photo Credit: ©ImageCollect.com/MJT/AdMedia

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz admits he’s had a hard time letting go of his feelings of sadness following his split from wife Katie Maloney.

While appearing at BravoCon, Tom and Katie were among their co-stars and sat across from each other as they talked about their split.

Speaking about the end of their marriage and how he dealt with their split, Tom admitted that the end of their union was harder than he expected.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Tom and Katie announced the end of their marriage in March after numerous reports that Katie was spotted without her wedding ring.

The former couple took to their Instagram accounts at the time to share the sad news and confirm that they had decided to split.

Not long after, Katie officially filed for divorce and ended their 12-year relationship.

In the months since the split, Katie and Tom have remained on relatively good terms, and speaking to the crowd at BravoCon, Tom noted that it didn’t help him get over their split any faster.

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz admits he was ‘addicted to sadness’ after breaking up with Katie Maloney

Speaking about their split, Tom shared: “Man, it was an emotional roller coaster.” He added that in the first months of their split, he felt like a “sad sack of shit”.

“I almost got addicted to sadness,” he noted. “…I was throwing up at my own pity party.”

Thankfully, Tom clarified that he’s feeling better these days and even shared that attending BravoCon helped his mental state.

For her part, Katy has remained relatively quiet about the situation, though she did address why they went public with their split on social media.

Katie explained that she felt they “kind of had to” go public and admit their split because of the rumors that were going around.

Tom talks about going public with their divorce, ‘It sucks’

Going public with their split was like adding salt to Tom’s wound. According to the longtime Pump Rules star, he was just coming to terms with the end of their marriage when the topic of them having to go public with their split came up.

“It was unpleasant because we were divorced and we were working on it and I was coming to terms with it, but then when we made the comments about going to market, it was difficult,” he admitted. “How do you capture 12 years of a relationship in an Instagram post? It sucks.”

Tom ended the discussion by addressing his ex-wife and saying that he will always be her “champion”.

“I know you may not always feel this way, but I have your back and I love you,” he told her.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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