PSOE defends that José Antonio Grignan is “innocent” and the sentence of the Supreme is “unfair”

The PSOE considers that the decision made by the Supreme Court in the “ERE case” is “unjust” and that the former presidents of the Junta of Andalusia Manuel Chavez Y Jose Antonio Grinan they are “innocent”. are words of Santos Cerdanorganizational secretary, to the Europe press agency.

Although his opinion on the matter can be presented on the basis of the above, Cerdan, number 3 in the party, is more cautious when considering whether the government should grant a pardon to Grignan, who was sentenced to six years in prison: “Pardons They have their procedures and this is what to expect.

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Cerdan prefers not to comment on whether Grignan’s release from prison would affect the PSOE in the election and is turning his attention to the PP. He assures that the “ERE case” is not “comparable” to “Gürtel” or “Púnica”. For the socialist, “in Spain corruption is not called ‘Gurtel’ or ‘Lezo’ or ‘Púnica’, it is called PP”.

“There were several”

“It’s still bad management of some of the aid,” defended Cerdan, for whom “some irresponsible and chorizos took advantage of it.” In his opinion, “there were several” and “those who pay are innocent, as is the case with former presidents Chávez and Grignan.”

“Here there was no enrichment by anyone – insists Cerdan in the interview – there was no funding from any country, the money went to the companies and their workers and part to those who took advantage of this situation”.

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Asked whether enrichment of Mariano Rajoy when the PSOE tabled the motion of no confidence that ousted him from Montclois, Cerdan admitted that it was not, but justified it by saying that “it is not against Rajoy, but against what the PP and its president represent”.

On other current political topics, but not leaving the main opposition party behind, the PSOE number 3 wonders “what is the effect Alberto Nunes Feijoo“, claiming that so far he has “only shown bankruptcy and that he is lying”. She also accuses him of “looking like an agitator”.

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