Priyanka Chopra says she’s still a newbie in Hollywood: ‘I’ve just reached the point where I’m doing…’

world star Priyanka Chopra No introduction needed. The multifaceted personality is a stalwart of the Indian film industry with huge super hits to his credit. The 40-year-old actor made his western debut in 2015 on the American television show Quantico, in which Priyanka played Alex Parrish and garnered critical acclaim for his portrayal of an IDF agent. order. This has been the tip of the iceberg for Chopra as he has starred in major productions such as Baywatch (2017), Isn’t It Romantic (2019), We Can Be Heroes (2020), The White Tiger (2021) and The White. Tiger (2021). ). Perhaps most notable of all, The Matrix Reactions (2021). However, the actress thinks she’s still new to Hollywood, Pinkvilla reported.

After nearly a decade of hard work in the US, the actress says it looks like things are finally getting better for her in Hollywood. In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Priyanka revealed that it took her some time to carve out a place in the West and find the kind of projects she would like to work on. She said that as an actress she always feels new to Hollywood. “After 10 years of working here, I have reached the stage where I am playing the kind of roles where I have this kind of credibility within the industry, where I have worked very hard, where I trust The partners I work with , ”Priyanka said.

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The actor insisted that she is a “high-level protagonist” and “still a great achievement”. He claimed to be a “goal-oriented” person and that he loves to accept challenges, growth, development and knowledge. The actress said she wanted to do more in Hollywood because of the kind of person she is and her aspirations of hers. Priyanka said she is a famous actress in India because of her work, so she wants her work in Hollywood to reflect that.

Apparently, the actor has several Hollywood projects in mind including the Citadel and we can’t wait to see him!

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