President Biden Caught On Hot Mic: ‘No One F—S With A Biden’

President Joe Biden was caught supporting “all cases with Biden” on the still-hot microphone following a joint press conference with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday.

Biden was talking to Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy, who replied, “Yes, you understand.” It’s unclear what Biden was referring to and his subsequent statement, “And you can’t argue with your siblings outside the home,” didn’t really get her down.

It could refer to the Republican governor, who would run for president for 2024 and oppose Biden on almost all matters. Or Senator Marco Rubio, also present at the press conference. Or Russian President Putin, with that question.

Despite their differences, political rivals shook hands and welcomed each other’s efforts to address the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian last week.

“I think he did a good job,” Biden said of DeSantis. “We have very different political philosophies, but we have worked together … In managing this crisis, we are in perfect harmony.” He continued: “Today we have a job and a job and we’re making sure the people of Florida get everything they need to make a full recovery.”

For his part, DeSantis warmly introduced Biden during the press conference: “Mr. President is welcome to Florida, we appreciate the cooperation of the different levels of government. He also noted that the White House has provided federal resources “from the beginning” of Ian’s approach.

Greg Price, principal analyst at X Strategies LLC, shared the clip on Twitter.

For his part, Murphy had commented on how grateful he was that Biden was going to the area to assess the damage.

There have been discussions on social media about how the two would greet each other when they faced each other in the presidential race of 2024. shaking hands strongly, putting aside their differences to work towards a common goal.

Biden did not mention the microphone hot moment in a subsequent tweet, in which he said, “We have a job: Providing Floridians with what they need as quickly as possible.”

DeSantis states that i

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