Prepare your shotgun that the Doom Slayer would arrive as a skin in Fortnite next week

One of the most anticipated crossovers in video game history began this week with the arrival of Fortnite x Dragon Ball, as Goku is an extremely popular character who has been in demand for a long time. It looks like the next collaboration will happen next week and it’s a hunter’s skin of doomfrom Destiny: ETERNAL.

The rumor has been circulating for some time that we could witness the arrival of the Doom Slayer Fortnite but we haven’t had as solid clues as this week. Yesterday the Epic Games Store on PC started giving DOOM 64 to all its users, which seems to indicate that a collaboration with Id Software is in the works.

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Previously leaker MidarRado said the next Fortnite collaboration will arrive next week and has given his followers three options to guess which one it is: DOOM, Family Guy, or Lord of the Rings. Given that Epic Games is giving away DOOM 64 this week in its store, it is believed that the crossover that will arrive on Fortnite will be with this franchise.

You can get DOOM 64 on the Epic Games Store on PC for free until August 25, 2022, so it is believed that the Doom Slayer skin may arrive in Fortnite a little earlier that day. It is unknown if the Doom Slayer skin would come with a retro backpack, emote or glider included.

In the meantime, take the opportunity to enter Fortnite and play your crossover event with Dragon Ball, as it will last two weeks and those who complete the thematic missions will be able to get the Shen Long glider for free. Check out everything you need to know about Fortnite x Dragon Ball below as we await the announcement of the collaboration with DOOM.

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