Preparation to merge Housing Board with HSVP: People will be forced to go to illegal colonies for cheap houses

This preparation: 300 acres of land worth 200 crore from the council will be transferred to HSVP

This effect: lots are sold via HSVP auctions, cheap houses will not be available in areas

The Haryana Housing Board, which provides affordable housing to ordinary people, will merge with the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HSVP). The HSVP has made a proposal in this regard and forwarded it to the CM. 100 million people on board. for which the money was withdrawn from HSVP.

In return, the council got around Rs 200 crore. Ownership will pass to HSVP. The municipality currently has 300 acres of land and 10,000 vacant apartments in approximately 30-32 locations. In addition to this, the council is looking into other properties as well. The lands taken from the municipal bodies will be returned to them alone. The rest of the apartments can be sold via HSVP according to the scheme.

In such a situation, the dream of buying cheap homes through the Housing Board will no longer come true, as HSVP has begun auctioning off its land, which only the highest bidders can buy. Although the Municipality has long been selling apartments through electronic auctions, the price has remained below that of private builders.

The Municipality has sold 1 million apartments so far, 10,000 vacant

Purpose of the Council

Founded in 1971, “No profit-no loss” policy.

The Haryana Housing Board was established in 1971 to provide affordable housing to economically weaker people under the “No Profit, No Loss” policy. So far, the municipality has built and sold around one million apartments. But gradually the financial situation of the pension deteriorated, and questions about the quality of the apartment also arose. In such a situation, people’s interest has diminished.

What was the problem: the diet depended on other departments

The municipality does not buy its own land. Gets land from 3 places. First: when the private builder builds the apartment, there are 20% small parts of the flat screen housing. It is up to 50 square meters. These are granted to GLPs and the economically weaker people.

Second, every time HSVP develops an area, it donates 1-5 acres of land to the Housing Council. Developed land does the same, but sells it by making flat boards. Third – By taking land from the municipal authority at a lower rate, the council makes plans for ex-military etc.

What will happen now: Running programs will not be closed

The Housing Board is not building a new scheme, but the ongoing housing program at more than a dozen sites will not be closed. After completing them soon, the apartments will be given to the people. However, the programs of Sampla, Mahendragarh, Rewari, Gurgaon, etc. they were canceled for the ex-military. The people’s money is returned. Board staff can also be merged into HSVP. About 250 regular employees of the commission work on the same contract.

this option will be left

Affordable homes with loan and PAY subsidy

It is only under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana that the economically weakest urban and rural people will have a home. Panchayati Raj City Council and Department are conducting a survey to compare available land with suitable people.

3 lakhs in the first stage. The houses will be given to people earning up to Rs. Thereafter, those whose income does not exceed Rs 4.50 lakh will be marked. From now on, housing for all departments will take care of the house-related schemes. At the same time, HSVP can also continue ongoing Housing Board programs.

such a growing crisis

HSVP plots out of reach of the poor auction

With the sale of land by HSVP in electronic auction, the dream of the common people to settle in the area is shattered as the common man is unable to buy the land due to the increase in the price of the land at auction. . It can be understood from this example.

In Ambala, the HSVP kept the reserve rate of the plots in the sectors much higher than that of the collector, but got a much higher price in the offer. In Sector 1 (Jail Land), a residential plot of 295 square meters was sold for 1.54 crore (about Rs 52,000 meters), while the reserve price was only 95.76 lakh. Here, the administration’s fixed tax collector was only 25,000 rupees per square meter.

Due to the regularization, the illegal settlements have been permanently installed

The government has started the process of regularizing and providing facilities to 2,000 illegal settlements. The status of the development area was reduced from 50% to 25% due to the regularization of the illegal settlement.

In this regard, Kuldeep Vats, state president of the All Sector Residents Association, says that the regularization of illegal settlements will encourage those who develop illegal settlements. Thousands of settlements have been developed in the state as people turn to illegal settlements when HSVP plots are expensive.
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