Police probe cause of fatal WA lake crash

Investigators are investigating the drowning of two young nursing students in a lake on the outskirts of Perth after their car left the road.

The women, both 20, died after their car was submerged in Lake Aveley early Sunday morning.

Bystanders tried to save the couple, identified by local media as nursing students Nidhi Lalji Hirani and Ruxmi Premji Vaghjiani, but were unable to rescue them.

Ruxmi’s uncle, KP Halai, told Nine News that close friends were calling him asking for help, but when he arrived it was too late.

“Nidhi called me and said ‘Uncle, we’re drowning, the car is falling,'” he said.

“I told them on the phone, ‘try to open the door or try to kick the window’ … they said the door couldn’t open.”

Police believe the Toyota Corolla turned right onto Gnangara Road and continued across the middle strip to the lake.

Inspector Craig Collins said Sunday that it is unclear what prompted the women to deviate from the street.

“These are the first stages of the investigation,” he said.

“We have nothing else but we don’t believe there was another vehicle involved.”

Relatives of the women gathered near the lake for a candlelit vigil on Sunday evening.

It is believed that they were on their way to work at a nearby grocery store when they crashed.

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