Police help passengers get on the overcrowded subway

If you’re an avid user of social media, you might have come across videos from Japan’s Tokyo subway. Do you remember the rush? How people crowd the clerks to close the subway doors. Something similar was seen at a Delhi metro station where police had to intervene to push passengers in as the train doors could not be closed as all the carriages were so overloaded.

The video, posted on Instagram by a meme page called ‘giedde’, shows the scene at a Delhi Metro station during peak hours. The admin used the audio from the viral video which shows two men fighting over a seat in a bus where one shouts ‘Nahi jagah hai’ and the other says ‘Bahut jagah hai’.

The short clip also shows more passengers waiting to board and to prevent further chaos, police are seen stopping them from entering the already packed train.

Watch video here:

So far, the video has over 45.9 thousand views and counting. Netizens were amused by the clip and expressed their opinions in the comment section. One person wrote, “Perfect video for this audio” ad, another comment read, “Japan wala system apne yaha bhi.”

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