PM Modi praises Odisha’s Kunni Deori, IIT Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today praised Kunni Deori of Odisha’s Keonjhar district during his Mann Ki Baat programme.

The PM hailed Deori for generating employment for herself and others using solar energy.

“Kunni Deori, a daughter from Odisha, is making solar energy a medium of employment for her as well as for other women. Kunni lives in Kardapal village of Keonjhar district of Odisha. She trains tribal women to spin silk on a solar-powered reeling machine. Due to the solar machine, these tribal women do not have to bear the burden of electricity bill, and they are earning income,” the Prime Minister said

“This is the very boon of Sun God’s solar energy. The more the boon and the blessings spread, the better it is. Therefore, I urge  you to join this and add others too,” he added.

Modi also praised IIT Bhubaneswar for developing a portable ventilator for new born babies.

“A team from IIT Bhubaneswar has developed a portable ventilator for new born babies. It runs on battery and can be used easily in remote areas. This can prove to be very helpful in saving the lives of babies who are born prematurely. Be it electric mobility, drone technology, 5G, many of our students are engaged in developing new technology related to them. Several IITs are also working together on a multilingual project that makes learning local languages easier,” said Modi.

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