Pixel Watch, Google’s 1st smartwatch, arrives with Fitbit features

Rumors have been circulating for years that a Google smartwatch could hit the market at any time, and now it’s here! or Google Pixel Watch was launched today at the event Made by Google ’22, and is full of novelties. Like any other smartwatch, this device also places an emphasis on managing the user’s health, especially when we see that it is integrated with different features of the fitbit, a specialist in physical exercises and health. Check out the news!


or Pixel Watch is released with the OS 3.5 portintegration with fitbit, as well as other types of interaction with Android devices, which we already see in other similar smartwatches. One of the challenges of this device is to live up to expectations after so many years of rumors and promises. But let’s start by talking about its design.

Pixel Watch, Google's first smartwatch, comes with Fitbit features
Minimalist, the new connected watch from Google arrives with a lot of elegance, even for its invisible edges. Reading: Google

The Google Pixel Watch has a rounded design with a digital crown on the right side, a button above the crown, and a microphone at the bottom. Several colors are available, but the emphasis is on green, silver, black and white. Another eye-catching feature is its minimalist print, which brings together all the essentials without being too over the top.

Pixel Watch, Google's first smartwatch, comes with Fitbit features
In addition to the classic design, the Pixel Watch still has straps and dials that hark back to more sober watches. Reading: Google

And just like Apple, Google’s first smartwatch arrives removable bracelets, so you can also customize them. According to the company, it is possible to change watch straps very easily, even with a click indicating their adjustment. And, of course, the look at the facesWallpapers that entertain users, are also available in bundles and with many different themes.


In the battery we have 300 mAh, which can give the smartwatch around 18 hours of battery life. The included operating system, Wear OS 3.5, also has settings that help maintain battery health and reduce battery drain. Charged wirelessly, the Google Pixel Watch charger connects via USB-C.

Operating system

The most popular features of Wear the operating system on other smartwatches they are also present here, such as continuous heart rate monitoring via Google Fitcontactless payments with Google Pay and hands-free access with the Google Assistantin addition to the traditional App Store, Google Play Store.

Pixel Watch, Google's first smartwatch, comes with Fitbit features
With Wear OS 3.5, the company claims this smartwatch is equipped with the most refined operating system. Reading: Google

It is also possible to do the Google Photos create custom watch faces for backgrounds. At another time, these features weren’t enough because there were still flaws in Wear OS, but the latest and most refined version of the operating system works flawlessly on the Galaxy Watch 5, for example. There are 1.5 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory and the processor is the Exynos 9110.


One of the highlights of Google’s latest device is the integration with fitbit. It’s not just about simple features, but the Google Pixel Watch has the best the company has to offer, including monitoring of physical activities, verifying active zones per minute, ECG – electrocardiogram -, frequency cardiac indicator and many others. . The Google Fit app is also a major partner of this integration.

Pixel Watch, Google's first smartwatch, comes with Fitbit features
The partnership with Fitbit promises to make the smartwatch even more focused on maintaining health. Copy: Google

Anyone who purchases the Pixel Watch during the first few days of launch will still receive freebies. Celebrating the partnership with Fitbit, the user will receive 6 months of free access to the service Fitbit Premium, with over 1,000 different activities and 400 meditation exercises. In addition, you will also receive 3 months of access to the Youtube music.

price and availability

or Google Pixel Watch is available for pre-order by $ 349 Where is it $ 399, the latter with LTE connection (4G). The direct conversion amounts represent R $ 1,815 and R $ 2,076 respectively. Customizable bracelets are part of $ 49 And $ 199, which represent R $ 254 and R $ 1,035 respectively in direct conversion. Countries covered are the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Japan, Australia and Taiwan. There is no information yet on the availability of the Pixel Watch in Brazil.

Specifications table

Pixel Watch, Google's first smartwatch, comes with Fitbit features.  After many years of rumors, Google's first smartwatch has finally arrived on the market.  Discover the new pixel clock now.
The new and first connected watch from Google: Pixel Watch. Reading: Google
Sign Google
Template Pixel Watch
Certificate IP68 (water resistant)
Filter OLED
1.4 inch
450 × 450 resolution
screen always on
Operating system Android Wear operating system
Exynos 9110 processor
1.5 GB of RAM memory
32 GB of internal memory
Battery 300 mAh
Charging via Qi model
sensors accelerometer
heart rate monitor
Evaluate 349 USD – 1,815 R $, in direct conversion
399 USD with LTE (4G) – 2,075 R $, in direct conversion

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Source: Google.

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