Pigeons in the UK are turning into zombies due to an unknown bird disease

A terrible disease that is spreading in Great Britain is turning pigeons into zombie birds with terrible symptoms. On the island of Jersey, the sick pigeons had to be humanely killed.

The virus usually kills sick birds within a few days, but this period of time allows it to continue to spread among birds.

Pigeon paramyxovirus, known as PPMV or Newcastle disease, makes pigeons malaise and causes a variety of neurological symptoms, including severe neck twisting and fluttering wings.

Along with walking in circles and losing significant weight, they also have green excrement and are reluctant to move.

Although the disease cannot infect humans, handling sick birds can lead to conjunctivitis, so caution is advised. People began to call the sick birds “zombie pigeons” because of the disease and its terrifying characteristics. What you need to know about the disease is given below.

Are there zombie pigeons in the UK?

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