Pichhika Parivartan program in Balaghat: Niyan Sagar ji and Nigam Sagar ji said- Walk on the path of restraint in life

Ahimsa, Sanyam Ratna Pichhika Parivartan ceremony was hosted by Digambar Jain Panchayat Samiti on Friday at Mahavir Bhawan in the city. After the completion of Chaturmas of the Supreme Disciple of Acharya Vidyasagar ji Maharaj, Pathshala Motivational Munishree Niyan Sagar ji Maharaj and Kshullak Naigam Sagar ji Maharaj, non-violence and moderation were converted into Dharma Ghotak Pichhika.

Jain President Samaj Sushil Jain, Digambar Jain Secretary Panchayat Samiti Sanjay Jain and Vice President Rajkumar Jain said that Pichhika changes every year. It is performed in the same place where Munishree Chaturmas is celebrated. This program was held in Mahavir Bhavan on Friday with the presence of Sakal Jain Samaj and Shravakgans from different places in MP. Maharaj Shri said in his blessings that we should follow the path of moderation in life.

Whoever does penance gets Pichhi

Chakresh-Lata Jain got old Munishree Niyan Sagar Maharaj peaks and Kshullak Naigam Sagar Ji Maharaj’s old vandana peaks, Sarthak Jain got it. The ability to give Munishree’s old pike and new pike is only available to those who regularly perform pooja-archana, abhishek. Keep fasting. At night, they abandon the frozen tubers.

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