Pasadena woman faces felony charges after video shows pickaxe attack on neighbor’s home

A woman accused of smashing her Pasadena neighbor’s windows with a pickaxe in an attack caught on video will appear in court Friday to face vandalism charges, officials said.

Surveillance video from the home’s front porch Monday afternoon shows a woman walking down the driveway with a pickaxe in hand before swinging the tool at a window that faces the street.

A woman inside the house is heard screaming as the woman with the pick walks away. A short time later, the woman returns and breaks several more of the home’s windows, swinging the pickaxe as shards of glass fall to the ground.

“Question?” the woman is heard saying in the video as she walks across the front lawn of the home. “Any questions? I’ll be back. Get out.”

Authorities identified the woman as Beverly Ann Baker, 65, a neighbor.

Pasadena Police Commander Bill Grisafe told KABC-TV Channel 7 that Baker had no relationship or relationship with the homeowner.

“It appears that … she is suffering from some sort of mental health crisis,” Grisafe told the news station this week.

A spokesman for the Pasadena Police Department referred The Times to the statement Grisafe made to KABC on Wednesday.

The homeowner, Arman Choukadarian, told KABC that his mother-in-law was in the home with his baby and grabbed the child seconds before the window next to his crib was smashed. Choukadarian did not respond to requests for comment from The Times.

Baker faces one count of vandalism, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

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