Parag Agarwal Net Worth 2022: $42 Million Remuneration CEO

Parag Agarwal net worth, biography, wife, age, height, weight and many other details can be checked from this page. Parag Agarwal is an Indian-American software engineer who has a net worth of $45 million. Recently, Parag Agarwal was appointed as the new CEO of Twitter, before the CEO of Twitter was Jack Dorsey. Following Jin’s resignation, Pawan Agarwal became Twitter’s new CEO. They have been associated with this website for the past 10 years. Tesla CEO Elon Musk praised him for making him CEO. Elon Musk wrote that the US has benefited greatly from Indian talent.

Indian-origin Parag Agarwal has been appointed as Twitter’s new CEO after Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO. In this post Who is Parag Aggarwal? And to know about his lifetime performance, net worth (Parag Agrawal Twitter net worth), read the post in full. In the past few years, Parag has been paying special attention to artificial intelligence and machine learning on Twitter, and also paying attention to adding more and more users.

Parag Aggarwal is of Indian origin, he is a resident of Har Mumbai, he is 37 years old, he completed his early education in Mumbai, then he also completed college from IIT Bombay, then he went to Stanford University for further studies. | Talking about Parag Agarwal’s family, he lives in San Francisco with his wife Vinita Agarwal and son, his wife is a professor of medicine at Stanford University.

Parag Agarwal is not the only person as the CEO of such a big technology company in the world, apart from him there are other CEOs of Indian origin who are CEOs of such a big company like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai and there are many other Indians who are more worldwide. Enlightening the name of India.

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According to various reports by research firm Equilar, if CEO Parag Agarwal is fired within 12 months of the Twitter deal, then he will get $42 million (about Rs 345 crore). This amount is calculated based on Parag Agarwal’s base salary and accelerated equity awards.

After the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, speculation began about the future of the company’s CEO Parag Agarwal. According to media reports, Parag told employees after the Twitter sale that Twitter’s future was dark under Elon Musk. No one knows what direction the company will take now.

Parag took over as CEO of Twitter in November 2021. According to the research firm’s report, if Parag is removed from the post before 12 months, then the company will have to pay him 42 million dollars, i.e. 345 crore rupees. It has only been 5 months since Parag took over as the CEO of the company. He was appointed CEO following the resignation of Jack Dorsey in November. Before you read this news further, you can have your say by taking this poll…

Parag Agarwal Net Worth

Parag Agarwal’s total net worth is estimated to be $45 million, which in Indian currency is approximately equal to INR 370 crores (i.e. three hundred and seventy crores INR). The annual salary is $1 million plus a bonus as Twitter’s new CEO, and he also receives stock options (RSUs) worth $12.5 million that will vest in 16 equal quarterly increments starting February 1, 2022.

Name Parag Agarwal
Net worth (2022) 45 million dollars
Net Worth in Indian Rupees Rupees 370 Crore INR
Profession CEO of Twitter
Monthly income and salary $80,000+
annual income $1 million +
Last update 2022

Biography of Parag Agarwal

Parag Agarwal was born in 1984 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Now Parag is 37 years old. Parag Agarwal is the new CEO of Twitter, replacing Jack Dorsey. He completed his education in his hometown and also graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (B.Tech) and Stanford University (MS, PhD).

Parag Agarwal Net Worth
Full name Parag Agarwal
profession Technology Manager
Why Trends Twitter’s new CEO
Birth in 1984
ages 37 years
Nationality American
Religion Hindu
length 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 73 kg
marital status married
net worth 45 million dollars
salary $1 million+

Parag Agarwal Education

Pawan Agarwal is a graduate of IIT Mumbai. Parag Agarwal has been working for Twitter for the last 10 years (joined since 2011). He was CTO of Twitter before becoming CEO of Twitter. In 2017, Parag Agarwal became the CTO of Twitter. Parag Aggarwal has worked in many big companies before Twitter, with Yahoo and Microsoft also taking experience from the job.

At the time Pawan Aggarwal joined the micro-blogging website company Twitter, there were less than 1,000 employees on Twitter.

Parag Agarwal Net Worth

Parag Agarwal is a promising student, he studied in Atomic Energy Central School, Mumbai, then cleared AIEEE exam, then studied B.Tech Computer Science from IIT Bombay, then did his Ph.D in Computer Science from Stanford University . | Parag Agarwal started as a researcher at Microsoft in 2006 and later worked at Yahoo. Parag Aggarwal joined Twitter in 2011 and in 2017 served as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and has been associated with Twitter for the past 10 years.


Who is Parag Agarwal?

Parag Agarwal is the new CEO of the Twitter company.

How old is Parag Agarwal?

Currently Parag AgarwaI’m 37 (1984)

What is the net worth of Parag Agarwal?

Parag AgarwalThe total net worth is around $45 million.

What is the salary of Parag Agarwal?

Parag Agarwal earns an estimated salary of $1 million + per year.

What is the name of Parag Agarwal’s wife?

Parag Agarwal Wife Name is Vinita Agarwal.

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