Pak Mr. Bean reacts as Zimbabwean leaders, Pakistan poke fun at him on Twitter. cricket news

Pakistan’s match against Zimbabwe was not only a cricket battle on the pitch, but also a “mission of revenge” for the fans of the African team. Before the match, Zimbabwean fans demanded revenge after Pakistan gave them a “Fake Mr Bean”. As Zimbabwe beat Pakistan by 1 point in the T20 World Cup, even though the heads of state of both countries mentioned “Pak Mr Bean”, the discussion on the matter has intensified further.

As reported, a Rowan Atkinson impersonator who popularized the Mr Bean character was sent to Zimbabwe, which some fans believed was the original Mr Bean. Many hearts broke when reality came out.

However, Zimbabwean fans have called their team’s victory over Pakistan “revenge” from the “Pak Mr Bean” episode. Soon after, the president of Zimbabwe referred to the incident by congratulating his team on the victory, prompting the prime minister of Pakistan to react.

Now the man who introduced himself as Mr Bean, Asif Muhammad, has broken his silence on the matter.

speaking to Indian Express Asif said: “They are a double, but if the President of Zimbabwe and the Prime Minister of Pakistan can talk about congratulating each other after Zimbabwe’s victory, then my goal of making the world laugh is achieved. Pakistan’s defeat was followed by lighthearted jokes. Me. What more can I ask for? “


“When businessmen Muhammad Arif and Muhammad Anees came up with the idea of ​​having me as their brand ambassador at Harare Expo, I was thrilled. Meeting the children in the markets and on the streets of Harare and seeing them believe that I am the real Mr. Bean was the greatest entry on this trip. Many Indians also came to visit me at Anees’ residence and asked me for autographs and selfies. There was ten times more hospitality than in Pakistan (hospitality was ten times better than what I had in Pakistan), ”Asif revealed.

Asif also revealed that he was once told that Rowan Atkinson was delighted to see him play his character.

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