Ozzy Osbourne has opened up about the ‘agony’ of trying to cope with Parkinson’s disease and other health problems

“It got to the point where I thought, ‘Oh, God, please don’t let me wake up tomorrow morning,'” Ozzy Osbourne noted of the situation. “It had gotten so awful.”

Ozzy Osbourne has spoken publicly for the first time about his challenging health journey, which has included his recovery from major surgery this summer and his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Black Sabbath guitarist Ozzy Osbourne, 73, recently gave an interview to The Observer in which he revealed that the purpose of his surgery in June was to remove two metal plates that had been inserted into his vertebrae during a previous procedure. His wife Sharon Osbourne has said in the past that the operation is one that will “define the rest of his life”.

“Because the screws were displaced, the bone slowly wore away from them. Also, debris was lodged under his spine. Therefore his spine, instead of looking like this, looked like this, Sharon said as she first slouched and then sat up straight.

“Because of the pressure on my spine I was in agony of nerves. I had never heard of anything called nervous discomfort before!” Ozzy added. “Remember when you were a kid and you played in the snow and your hands got really cold, right? Then you go in there and pour hot water on them and they start to warm up, right? Do you feel shivers down your spine? And is it painful as hell? This is the same.”

What happened to Ozzy Osbourne
What happened to Ozzy Osbourne

“It got to the point where I thought, ‘Oh God, please don’t let me wake up tomorrow morning.'” The situation had become so dire. Because it was an absolute hell of an ordeal.

The musician went on to say that his health problems are often exacerbated by his Parkinson’s disease, which he was diagnosed with in 2003.

He told the Observer that he found it difficult to walk regularly.

“You believe you are lifting your legs, but none of your legs are moving. I feel like I’m walking around in leaden boots”. He went on to say that Parkinson’s disease had damaged his mental health and left him feeling depressed as a result.

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Ozzy expressed his feelings about his mental health, saying: “I reached a peak that was lower than I wanted it to be.” “Nothing felt so wonderful. Nothing. I was prescribed anti-depressants and am happy to report that they are helping.

However, he admits that the most disheartening aspect of Parkinson’s disease is the inability to predict how the disease will progress.

“You quickly learn to make the most of every moment because you never know what the future holds for you.” You have no idea when you’ll wake up, but when you do, you won’t be able to get out of bed. But you don’t think about it at all.

The musician, who is best known for his song ‘Crazy Train’, thanked Sharon for the support she gave him as he dealt with his health issues and credited her with allowing him to continue singing.

“If it wasn’t for my Sharon, I would be lost and gone. We get into minor disagreements every now and then, but for the most part we just get things done,” he said.

Sharon went on to say that she won’t let her husband be defined by his Parkinson’s condition and that she is currently helping him fight his muscle “atrophy” which has caused his body to become weaker.

She gave assurance to the media saying, “He’ll never be what he was, but he’ll be good.”

Final lines

Ozzy Osbourne discusses his health issues, including his recovery from major surgery and his battle with Parkinson’s disease. In a recent interview with The Observer, Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne, 73, said he had surgery in June to remove two metal plates from his spine.

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