Overwatch spends money behind your back and Blizzard does not reimburse!

The disasters never end with the launch of Overwatch 2, which will now spend your credits without your permission.

The release ofOverwatch 2 and the free-to-play budget model promised to be a revival for Blizzard’s FPS, but the end never ends. Unfortunately, the launch was crowned with a slew of bugs and other issues that ruin the gaming experience and tarnish the studio’s already battered reputation. But when server worries finally begin to fade, players are now unscrupulously extorted from their credits.

A new bug has just been discovered and it is much more problematic than the previous one. Whilewatch over bragging now that it is a free game, players who have decided to grab the wallet are far from rewarded. The chat and hero gallery obviously didn’t mix well before the latest update.

Half-assumed mistake anything but forgiven

The source of this now fixed bug was the use of text chat on some of the hero gallery menu tabs. Some players who have started communicating with their friends from a character’s skin page have caught the game shopping for them. It was via a post on Reddit that a user notified the community of this serious concern. A bug allowed the game to interpret the use of letters in chat as menu navigation commands. So it took just a few imaginary clicks to get the game to buy skins against the will of the players.

Fortunately for older players, the game prefers to purchase with credits inherited from the old version. However, others have seen their premium credits disappear in this way. So Blizzard is to blame, but tech support has already replied to the people involved that in-game purchases are final and that this bug doesn’t justify refunding lost credits. This controversial response continues to lead Overwatch 2 which continues to fall in the esteem of the community disappointed by this catastrophic development.

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