Overflow Stories, the best way to showcase design work to clients

If you have more clients waiting for your next projects, check out this fresh-out-of-the-oven tool first.

is approx overflowing stories, a tool that allows us to create an animation that explains the parts of the drawing as if we were presenting it in person. The customer just needs to click on the arrows so that the areas of the drawing are presented with the corresponding comment.

This video shows an example:

Available at overflow.io/stories and with a free trial, Overflow Stories allows users to create self-guided tours of their projects, share them with their team and stakeholders, and showcase their work even without being present asynchronously, eliminating the need for e-mail briefings and meetings in real time.

This is the third version of Overflow and these are its main features:

– Save time by creating intuitive, interactive and self-learning presentations.
– Add context and clarity to projects for better feedback.
– Offer a consistent presentation experience to every audience.
– Avoid the hassle of organizing unnecessary meetings in real time.
– Features multiple people in different time zones. Asynchronous.
– Make sure your product team and stakeholders are always aligned.

Overflow stories can be used by downloading and installing the Overflow app for macOS and Windows.

After the trial period ends, we will no longer be able to use the Overflow desktop app or the Overflow cloud sharing. The actions will automatically become inaccessible, but the data will remain hosted for 60 days, during which time there is the possibility to activate the subscription and continue working as during the trial period. If we don’t activate the subscription within 60 days, the account and all data will be deleted.

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