Over 33 million people, 72 districts of Pakistan affected by floods

Over 33 million people and 72 areas have been affected by
the ongoing flood disaster in Pakistan caused by this season
the monsoon rains began in mid-June, the country’s national disaster
This was announced by the Administrative Authority (NDMA), reports Trend, citing Xinhua.

According to a report released by the NDMA late Sunday evening,
the country’s southern Sindh province remains the worst-hit region
as 23 of its districts and over 14.5 million people were
affected by the floods.

The report added that southwestern Balochistan was the second largest
affected province with a population of more than 9 million and
31 districts were affected.

The country experienced a 188 percent increase in rainfall
this season until Aug. 28, compared to the average
rainfall over the past three decades, the report said, adding that
the 30-year average rainfall in Pakistan was 135 mm while
during this monsoon it rose to 390 mm.

The NDMA said Sindh province registered 470 percent
an increase in rainfall, with 697 mm this season compared to 122 mm from
average rainfall in the last 30 years, followed by Balochistan
a province that witnessed an increase of 411 percent.

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