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New Delhi: There aren’t many movies worth seeing in a movie theater, and more often than not, TV doesn’t have anything ready either. However, it’s a different world out there when you’re talking about Over-The-Top or OTT platforms. Although you would often come across niche content and those with offensive or crude language, there are a few movies and shows that can provide wholesome entertainment for the whole family. Here are some gems to get you started.

Detective Bumrah

It marks the screen debut of the popular fictional character, Detective Bumrah, who takes on cases that are beyond the realm of reality. The detective is about to solve a case in a historic hotel where a man mysteriously appears in a locked room and then jumps off the terrace to disappear. As the detective and his partner try to solve the case, another resident of the haveli, Amtim, jumps in in a similar fashion, only this time he is followed by the detective. The case of the missing, based on the concept of time travel, continues Disney+ Hotstar and is a must watch.

Babli Bouncer

This heart-wrenching story is about a girl who lives in a village that is famous for producing bodybuilders and boxers. Her trainer father trains her and she becomes an uncrowned queen who can’t be messed with. Babli decides to go to the city and become a professional batsman when the opportunity arises. Will she be able to make her mark in this male dominated society. This teaches about feminism without shouting it from the rooftops, watch it Disney + Hotstar.

Pinocchio: A True Story

We’ve all heard the story of Pinocchio, the boy made of wood whose nose grew every time he told a lie. This cartoon is a different take on the same concept where Geppetto, the genius creator builds a wooden boy that comes alive with magic. Accompanied by the talking horse Tybalt, Pinocchio sets off to see the world. He joins a traveling circus where he falls in love with the chief’s daughter and now wants to become human. This intriguing tale of emotions will appeal to everyone in the family. Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Chintaa Manny

This movie that is streaming Disney+ Hotstar, is a strange look at people who think they can mess with the future. It is a modern interpretation of the times when mani (gems) had magical power and could either fulfill our wishes or reveal the future. Three friends find themselves with mani, and as it reveals the future, they realize that the future isn’t too great. They try to change it through their cunning ways and what follows is chaos. With an interesting lesson, this one will appeal to people of all age groups.


The action takes place against the backdrop of the ill-fated riots that took place in 1984 in Delhi. It tells the story of how an ordinary day turned into the longest day for a few as Sikhs were targeted and killed by mobs. How Jogi and his friends save a lot of people from being under the fire of the riots is how this story unfolds. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Jogi continues Netflixand is loved by the viewers.

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