Original Bayonetta Voice Actress Speaks Out on Why She Isn’t Back in Bayonetta 3; Asks Fans to Boycott the Game


Bayonetta’s native English voice Helena Taylor explains why she hasn’t returned for Game 3.

Bayonetta 3 is less than two weeks away and the original English voice actress of the first two games, Helena Taylor, has just explained why she didn’t reprise the role this time around.

Taylor posted a series of four video clips to her personal Twitter account detailing what happened. She states that after negotiating the efforts she eventually was offered her a lump sum of $ 4,000 to make the game and she felt it was an insult to her talent and commitment to her character and of her fans. . . She also mentioned that the Bayonetta franchise earned $ 450 million, excluding merchandise.

Additionally, Taylor is asking fans to boycott Bayonetta 3 and instead spend the money they would have donated to charity for the game.

“I was just asking for a decent and respectable life,” Taylor said in his video, adding that his decision was legal but he thought it was immoral. She also shared that she was speaking out in a greater effort to adequately compensate for voice actors: “Bayonita has always stood up for those who have less power and defended what is right, and in doing so, you stand beside him.”

Platinum shared earlier this month that Jennifer Hale, a voice actress known for playing Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, will be released in the third episode after “various overlapping circumstances” prevented Helena Taylor from returning. She will play the role of Bayonetta.

If you want to hear for yourself what Helena Taylor shared about her side of the story, you can watch the video series she posted below.

About an hour after Taylor posted the video, Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya tweeted the following:

It’s probably his way of denying what Taylor shared about the role, but nothing else was shared or revealed about his side of the story.

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