One after another: Colo Colo receives a new sanction for the incidents against Audax Italiano at the El Teniente Stadium

Colo Colo scored an important 2-1 win against Audax Italiano at the El Teniente stadium on the 18th date of the 2022 National Championship, where they kept the three points with a dying penalty from Gabriel Costa in the final minutes.

However, the result took a back seat after a few criminals dressed as fans staged a series of incidents on the edge of the playing field.

Even these antisocials who never tire of hurting the club took it upon themselves to threaten Gabriel Suazo when he asked them to act so the game could continue.

The judge of that match, Rodrigo Carvajal, was terse in his report when he pointed out that “before starting the match supporters of both clubs enter the field causing a series of accidents having to intervene the carabinieri “. Furthermore, he states that “at minute 11 the game is interrupted at the suggestion of the carabinieri for the entry of fans in the southern sector of the stadium (the game stopped for 5 minutes). “

As expected, the Anfp Disciplinary Court applied a harsh sanction to Popular. According to the slogan La Tercera, the register received a punishment of two visitor dates without his fans.

This penalty will be applied in matches against Union La Calera of 28 August and against Cobresale on 15 September, respectively for the dates 23 and 25 of the 2022 National Championship.

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