Odisha woman produces 1000 shades of color from cow dung! I’m watching

Bargar: Gomaya paint is an environmentally friendly product cow dung. Durga Priyadarshini Sahu, a woman entrepreneur from Bargarh, Odisha, has set up a factory that produces around 1,000 varieties of cow dung paints. And putty is made from the excess cow dung. This plant is claimed to be the first of its kind in Odisha. It also owns another such plant in Rajasthan.

Gomaya paint contains 30% cow dung. Comparatively, this paint is cheaper than other paints made from chemicals. In addition, it is not dangerous to health, unlike toxic paints. Again, this has antibacterial properties while protecting against radiation. This can be used in both interior and exterior walls of houses and buildings. The durability of Gomaya paint is said to be around 5 years.

First we collect cow dung from small farmers in the villages. We give them buckets in which they collect cow dung and deliver it to us at our plant. After we get the cow dung, we pay them according to its weight. Then we mix the same amount of water with the cow dung and put it in the refining machine. After other processes, we leave it to cool. At this stage, the product we get is a useful form of cow dung that can be used to produce flowers. And then we add some chemical component to get the colors, said the female entrepreneur.

And the condensed part that settles at the bottom of the container is used to make putty, she added.

After the introduction of paint, Durga Priyadarshini became self-sufficient. She also employed other people in her factory. Even earlier, farmers who used to dump cow dung were earning good money by selling cow dung at Rs 5 per kg to this plant.

Asked how she came up with the idea, Durga Priyadarshin said, “I was surfing the internet for products that could be made from cow dung. As a result, I discovered Gobar gas; chemical agriculture, fertilizers, etc. can be made from it, but no one thought of making paint from cow dung. Again, we remain behind walls for most hours of the day, such as in a house, office or shop. So why not have something (painted on the wall) like the earlier days when we used to paint the wall with cow dung mixed with water? This was not only healthy but also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. So I thought why not make something time-honored that can be used even in concrete houses, said the entrepreneur.

Report: Mahendra Sahu, Bargarh

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