October is the deadliest month for pedestrians. Here’s how to stay safe this Halloween weekend

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Texas Department of Transportation is reminding drivers and pedestrians this Halloween weekend to keep safety in mind while enjoying their holiday festivities.

Glinda Chu, public information officer for TxDOT’s Austin District, said October has historically recorded the most pedestrian-fatal accidents of any other month.

She says this is likely due to several factors such as weather changes and cooler weather.

“It’s nice outside, people are riding their bikes, walking, they’re out with their dogs and their kids. It also gets dark much earlier,” Chu said.

For parents taking their children out for a walk, Chu recommends wearing reflective clothing and crossing only on crosswalks.

“Take your time, do what you can to make sure the vacation is fun and safe for everyone,” Chu said.

On the Saturday before Halloween, mom Ruth Snell was out in Austin Central Park with her kids, Wilson and Sybil.

She says her family tries to be safe whenever they go for a walk, especially on days like Halloween when car and foot traffic can be much higher.

“We always use our ears and eyes at intersections and when we cross, we make sure there are no cars, and if there are, we wait for them to pass to cross,” Snell said.

Austinite Gus Smalley says he plans to be out Halloween weekend. He says he tries to spot pedestrians to avoid disaster.

“You can never be safe enough. I would never want to run someone over,” Smalley said.

Last year, Chu says her district recorded 453 crashes involving pedestrians — 61 of which were fatal and 108 resulted in serious injuries.

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