Nine apologises for defaming Andrew Laming

Nine publicly apologized for defaming former politician Andrew Laming by falsely claiming that he took an obscene photo of a waitress.

On March 27, 2021, Dr. Laming pursued serious allegations in a 9News report that he photographed the buttocks of the maid Crystal White.

The broadcaster’s apology was read on Tuesday by Dr. Laming’s attorney, Sue Chrysanthou SC, during a brief hearing in the Federal Court.

“9News has now seen evidence that Dr. Laming’s photograph was not obscene in nature,” the publisher said.

“9News unreservedly retracts these allegations regarding Dr. Laming and apologizes to him and his family for the injuries and damage caused by the report.”

The exact dollar amount paid to Dr. Laming is unknown as the agreement remains confidential. However, Judge Robert Bromwich did not order Nine to pay the former Liberal MP’s legal bills.

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